Best Bar For Pre and Post Game

Hey, I am coming to Montreal for a game this summer. What is the best Bar to pre and post game party?

I do not understand your poll.

The best Bar is . . . Uhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . .

Umm. . .

I don't know? I donot go to bars pre and post. . .

You should go to the Licensed Beverage Room. The Empire Hotel's Bar that is.

Just a hop-skip-& a jump from beautiful downtown Montreal. Some people kids....


ha ha ha

Now I understand the question a little better.

He is going to montreal.
I read it as though he was coming from Montreal.

Anyways he should ask the Montrealers that question.

LOL. Thought you'd like that one! Yea the Mtl. room is so quiet at this time of year.


Well I assumed he meant to say "going to Montreal" in his first sentence, and I still don't understand the poll question....
I voted "second best" anyway.
Better an uninformed opinion than none at all, I always say....