Best away jersey poll

As well, which away combo do people prefer?

And we've seen a couple of our away jersey combos now too. And vote changes?

Nope. I prefer the yellow pants with both jerseys.

Me too.

Me too, now. Just changed my vote. :slight_smile:

The white jersey with the gold pants is more traditional, but I think the white jersey with black pants is more fashionable.
If we were in Paris we would probably have to go with fashionable but since it's Hamilton you have to go with tradition.

Gold pants.................................not yellow

I only had eight crayons in my box. We can call it gold, but the Ticats have been wearing yellow of various shades for as long as I remember. No?

They could have pants that are made out of actual gold. It's probably malleable enough.

Yes, you're right.

People like to say "Black & Gold" and the team does this too. It sounds better.

But the uniforms aren't gold, they're yellow. Not lemon yellow, a darker shade with more orange in it. I'm not sure what the Pantone number is. But they aren't gold. Gold is a metal and the uniforms aren't metallic at all. The Blue Bombers have gold in their uniforms, so do the 49ers in the NFL. We don't, though we love to call them gold.

Whatever the label, the Cats have a great colour scheme that has a long, strong association for many fans.

That's the cheap 10-karat gold-plated stuff. We have the 24-karat burnished-gold look...