Best attendance in Roughrider history

The top 3 years for best average attendance ever recorded for a Roughrider season are:

2003: 29,352
1995: 28,500
2007: 28,054

This year, so far they have averaged 29,164, and after the next game against BC, which is already sold out, they will be at 29,418 (and rising for the rest of the year).

Congrats to the Fans, the coaches, the players, the head offics staff, CEO, GM, and everybody else.

History in the making.

That is awesome i'm just wondering how it can be 29,418 when stadium capacity for a sell out is 28,800.

Because stadium capacity the rest of the year will be nearly 31000. Final average should be right around the 30000 mark.

Sorry haven't had time off to make it to a game this year yet, i'm assuming they put in temporary seating?

i’m going to the Edmonton game in October!!

Is it possible that those higher attendance averages were due to the expanded seating capacity? I notice the two highest averages were years when we hosted the grey cup. we would have had the tall bleachers in the endzone for the last half of the season.

And did they include the Grey Cup game in the average?

Yes to your first post, and likely (I assume) no to this one.

Some more observations:

Except for week 3 (when they played in Hamilton), the riders have either played in a sold out park, or they have played for the largest crowd of the week.

In BC's 7 home games, they've hosted the largest crowd of the week 5 times. The two times they didn't, they were beat by Sask @ Edmonton.

In Edmonton's 7 home games, they hosted the largest crowd of the week 4 times. The three times they didn't, they were beat by Sask @ BC twice and Sask @ Calgary.

If the temporary seating was in place from the beginning of the year, the Riders would have had the largest crowd of the week in weeks 1, 5, and 7.

Rider Nation, loud and proud.