Best Announcer

Who is it?

I think cuthbert b/c he is never biased as far as I am concerned.

Cuthberts good.
Walby is the worst!

Walby :x is truly the worst!

CBC’s loss of Chris Cuthbert is TSN’s gain. CBC dropped the ball big time on this one. He was next to take over Bob Cole’s spot on Hockey Night in Canada (when they get to playing again)

CBC decisions…nice to see our tax dollars at work…NOT!

Cuthbert’s the best!!..Walby? He’s number 20 out of a field of 12. Walby is a waste of airspace.

Anybody but Rod Black (sorry Rods a Wpg boy) but he sucked last year calling the games, I think Cuthbert is definitely near the top of the heap.

Really, anybody but Cuthbert. I just cannot stand his high pitched voice doing sports. In the pre-season game in Halifax that he worked, he made so many mistakes. He was even talking about the Stanley Cups that Chad Folk had won with the Argos. He was constantly giving the wrong names for players. I never did like him for hockey either.

they had to do something…with no NHL revenue coming in. :cry:

I guess it’s just cause I’m a Winnipeg boy, but I like Chris Walby, he brings some colour to the booth. But yeah, Cuthbert and Suitor are definitely what I would consider to be the two best football announcers in Canada. TSN scored big time there.

Cuthbert is too squeeky! Suitor’s the best but he needs the 'stache back! What about the panel? I like them better than CBC’s crew, especially now that Matty’s back!

Millington is horrible on CBC. The guy can’t talk at all and he studders.
IT is pretty funny though. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cuthbert is definitely the best. Walby I do like, but I hate CBC’s coverage of the CFL. I completely agree that Rod Black has about as football IQ as a dog chasing what it believes is another dog’s tail.

But for only two games of the season I would love to see Walby (former Bomber) and Suitor (former Rider) do the play calling for the Labour Day Classic and the rubber match, the Banjo Bowl.

I find all the announcers make mistakes. I would have to agree about Rod black. He is getting better, but …

As far as CBC cutting Cuthbert. 200,000.00 a year for calling hockey and other sports? NO offence but that is ALOT of money. Maybe if they made interesting shows, CBC would be in the black. Did you know that saturday night movies was getting almost if not more viewers then Hockey night in Canada? I heard that somewhere.

Ok back to the topic. The CBC Gang has to stop doing live, on the feild analysis. You can’t hear them, they are yelling all the time. Ugh. The anchor of the show, his name escapes me, but put him back doing the olympics. I feel he knows the least about football or someone is holding him back. He knows sports, but there is not the cohesiveness of TSN.

Speaking of TSN. The best thing they did was put Randorf there. He knows the game but can dumb it down and ask questions the occasional listner wants to hear. I did not miss Matty. Glad he is back, and Clime is WAY better then tillman. Amazing how Shultzy realy knows the game.



Cuthbert by a long shot everyone with CFL on CBC sucks

I too would have to say Chris Cuthbert is the best anouncer, with Glen Suitor in Second ( both don’t seem overly biased to one particular team, unlike some anouncers)

You guys are killing me with this whole bias thing, LOL!

Who cares if the announcer appears to be biased to one team, it is’nt as if he is going to be calling the games for that one team every single week…

I also think a lot of you are exaggerating things. I’ve watched enough football games over the years to know that ALL announcers show a little favor towards the team that is doing the best, meaning that they show favor for the hottest team of the year, or for the team who is playing the best in the particular game that is being called. You have to look at how the announcer sounds and his how he calls the game… Looking for stuff like bias and such is a waste of time, just enjoy the game!

Anyway, I pick Don Whittman, hands down. Chris Cuthbert does not have a “football voice”. When you hear him calling a game, it just does’nt feel like football. I feel that a football announcer should have a stronger voice, and Chris just flat out does not have it. His high-pitched squealing voice will NOT be missed in my household this season.

Also, I don’t understand why people down Chris Walby so much. He’s a color commentator for goodness sake. He’s doing just as much as he should be doing for the type of job he has. I think Don Whittman and Chris Walby would make a great team, but CBC just can’t seem to get things right.

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