Best and worst referee so far?

Who do you think is the best (and worst) referee in the CFL this season?

I couldnt name a ref if i tried!!! But for anyone who plays football, university or minor, remember Patty muldune?

The short one with brown hair. :?

I'd have to say the most renowned CFL ref is one of the worst: Jake Ireland.

All the refs have been too trigger happy this season in my humble opinion.

so did jake ireland really take a bathroom break last night during an injury timeout?? they made reference to it on tsn but that would just be too funny. i have never seen both teams ready to go before and waiting for the ref to zip up his pants. they should just install urinals to the uprights in case of emergency.

Steen, yule and ireland all suck.

OK everyone has voiced theri opinions.
Now tell us why.