Best and worst logo in CFL history.....

I would have to say Shreveport's is one of the nicest I've seen. Baltimore's was pretty good as well. As for the worst, I would have to say the flaming RR's out of Ottawa was pretty sad!

The worst:

In CFL history? Does that mean I can only start from 1954? :wink:

I hated the Concordes one. I don’t know that I could find a favourite though. Most of them have been solid. I like simple ones like Calgary has had.

Hye, I like that triangular Alouette logo.

Best - Ti-Cats
Worst - Rough Riders’ flaming R’s

The Riders old emblem the Safeway emblem ha ha ha ha
Another would be the Stamps horseshoe emblem

Sorry- the Rens logo always looked like a crooked mustache to me

I agree. I’m so glad that they did not go back to that one when they returned in '96.

The current Als logo is my favorite.


You all must be pretty young if you forget this abomination! The Argos were purchased by Harry ornest in 1988. He also owned the Hollywood Racetrack in Los Angeles at the time; so he new a bunch of high-rollers.

He said that he showed the Argo's fantastic "football ship" logo to Merv Griffin to see what he thought of it... Merv didn't like it & didn't know what it represented! He suggested the "abomination" to Ornest and, voila, Merv Griffin helped to design a CFL logo - Just in time for the team's opening at SkyDome, no less!

Probably the worst sports logo, ever!

The best CFL logo? The one that Merv didn't like!

Sorry! The link to the above is:

And here's an example of what Merv didn't like!

[url=] ... gos_gd.gif[/url]

Actually the current Bomber logo has to be the worst Ive seen, they should go back the gold helmet with the white W on it.

BTW-ub40, I still cant see those logos you are talking about

Neither can I

Wow Ube40 you are right that is down right ugly! :lol:

this is a good one

Thanks Piggy! I can read those. Wow those Old Montreal ones with a red wing and a green wing are ugly. So is that early 60's BC Lion. You conjured up old memories!

That is an awesome link pigseye! Cheers.
I vote against the Bombers logo, mostly becuz Winnipeg is . . . No I better not say that.

Bombers old logos were real ugly, so are their new ones. Ugly logos for an ugly city (no disrespect meant to Stegall)

What I thought was the worst was those few years winnipeg had the dark dark blue/black helmet in the Reinbold era. Its just not the BB’s without the gold helmets.

The one helmet I liked was Hamilton gold/yellow one with the Ti-Cat logo on it.

I like the Lions paw print!

The 1963 Ticat one is just brutal as is the 1964-85 Sask Riders.

Aw c’mon, the flaming “RR” isn’t THAT bad! (I LOVED it when I was a kid … )

All the logos right now are really good. Frankly, I think the CFL has had great logos throughout. Out of the current logos, I’d say I like Sask’s the least … it’s a bit bland. BC’s paw print, Calgary’s horse, Hamilton’s tiger-cat … all are unique, simple and identifiable. Baltimore’s was really good, too.

That underlined Argos logo is pretty bad …