best and worst concession stands in the CFL

Chief has to eat to ya know!

...yeah, but just because you eat, that doesn't make you a chef...

Where deb when you need her? She can argue the point that eating does make you a chef...

Eating makes Chief a chef, but only if he has a big puffy white you have a big puffy white hat, Chef Chief?

I didnt say Chief was a chef.... I said he was out to lunch

Ooooohhhhhhhh....well Chief being out to lunch makes more sense than Chief being a chef...

Chief could be a chef.
Chef Boyarechief

Close... I was out watching a movie. :wink:

Why do I sense the words to critique said movie are along the lines of "she's so flexible?" :lol:

Hamilton is bad. but as bad as Some.
The lines are Awful
They run out stuff quite often
I think Rogers Center is Worse.
Montreal was also pretty bad.