best and worst concession stands in the CFL

If I wanted to live in france, or belgium or japan, I would expect to learn the language.

If someone wants to live and work here, I expect them to do the same.

As harsh as it may sound, I agree with FYB. The two official languages in this country are English and French. If I moved to a country that spoke another language, I'd take the time to learn that language.

But we're sort of getting off topic now... :lol:

BC Place, agree over priced

Edmonton, I thought was ok, lines are not bad

Calgary, ok, nothing special

Sask, some improvements over the years, still find it odd that you have to go to two different places if you want both a hotdog and a burger, nice addition has been the BBQ with really good sausages.

The people that have run the concessions for something like 15 years are not running it this season. I believe the team will be taking on direct responsibility, hopeful things will improve with better food choices.

Winnipeg, food was ok, just wish I was not in so much pain from sitting in their awful seats.

Montreal, ah, the pleasant shouts of Beer, Bier…

TO & Hamilton, no idea

Roger's Centre is good - overpriced but there are a lot of consessions so the line ups move quickly. the Vendors are pretty quick as well.

Hamilton - sorry.... I waited 15 minutes to get an ice cold hotdog and a luke warm beer...

You sure you wern't at BC Place? :lol: :lol:

Yes - this is true.

Thing is they take more of an effort to learn English than we do their language is what I'm saying. I am always impressed when I meet somone from any country who know English but don't live in an English speaking country.
In my travels i have always tried to pick up some of the local language - just to make life easier.
A little French, Spanish and a few words in Swahili.

back on topic now.... I love the Philly steaks at RC

It should be noted that the long-serving Rider Snak Company owned and operated by Earl Stewart and his staff, has not renewed the contract for events at Mosaic Stadium in 2008. It's exciting that it could get better but it's also frightening that it could get worse. One wonders if the new company will come out for high school games and perhaps even Rams games may become a free for all. Lets hope someone has time because there isn't much money in it.


I just got to add one more off topic comment. The reason so many living in non english countries make more of an effort to learn english than we do their language is simply self preservation, as in english being the universal language and it benifits them more to learn it than it does most of us to learn their language.

Its ok FYB, you don’t have to feel guilty about being born here. We know you are down with the brown. Good on you!


down with the brown???

BTW - I was not born here.

Raised, but not born here.

so there :stuck_out_tongue:

I can really only speak about the concessions at Ivor Wynne, since I don't visit other stadiums often enough.

For a stadium its size, IWS has a remarkable selection of different foods to choose from, as a result of the improvements made by Bob Young & Co. But the people that work there are...well, I don't want to call them "morons", so I'll just end my sentence abruptly.

Last year I arrived at one game very early. I was pleased to note that there was no lineup at the sausage booth. I went up to the table, where about five people with a combined age not much more than my own were busily milling around. One teenager walked up to me and stared, without saying a word, with what could only be described as a stoned look on his face. Realizing he wasn't going to ask what he could do for me, I initiated the conversation. Here is a transcript of our exchange:

Me: "Could I get a sausage and an iced tea?"
Him: "No."
Me: (after a stunned pause) "What? No?"
Him: (shakes his head)
Me: "Why not?
Him: "We're not open yet."
Me: (after realizing he isn't going to offer any more information without me asking for it) "Well...when do you open?"
Him: "About ten minutes."

Now, it may be just me, but this bothered me for a couple of reasons.

First, it seems to me that when a stadium opens its doors to allow customers in, the concession booths should already be open. All that preparatory stuff should have happened long ago.

Second, a person who is a part of the service industry should be more helpful. It would be nice if they are unable to count their age on their fingers and toes, and even nicer if they don't count on their fingers and toes.

But when the doors open this year, I'll be back at that sausage booth, ordering the same thing (hopefully not from the same person); because I love those sausages!

I haven’t visited every stadium but here’s my rundown for the stadiums I have visited.

SkyDome: Great Selection. Good food. Rarely a long line. Clean concessions. However, VERY expensive. For Example: Pizza Slice+French Fries+Large Coke = $13.00.

Ivor Wynne: Prices are resonable. Very impressed with the prices. The concessions have a dirty look and feel to them. Food is decent. Nothing amazing. The selection is horrible. Don’t expect a lot of choices.

Canada Inns Stadium (I was only there for Grey Cup 06 so I don’t know if the prices were inflated due to the Grey Cup). Despite the fact it was Grey Cup the prices were decent. However, like Hamilton, the selection wasn’t great. Basic concession food. Very Clean. Lineups were INSANE. More than 20 mins. It was sold out because it was Grey Cup but come on. They should have staffed up.

Frank Claire: I had trouble finding a concession. There are hardly any of them. This was for Grey Cup 04. Probably the worst selection i’ve ever seen. Prices were high too. I wasn’t impressed at all.

So tell me BigDave, what kind of sausages are they? May motivate me to have some when we visit IWS.

I happen to love good sausages...I use a butcher down outside of Welland, a German father-and-son operation, always take them my ground meat after hunting season, they do super Oktoberfest sausages I've got caribou, venison, and moose sausages in my freezer now....not sure how long they'll last!

I can only speak for Canad Inns and even with me saying that we are clearly below middle of the line concession wise. It's not horrible, but lineups are an issue. One of those things that should be worked out should we ever get that Asper arena.

The worst experience for me was at the 1985 Grey Cup at the Big Owe. Stood in line for 20 minutes to get a beer, finally made it to the front of the line and the attendant stuck a sign up closing the booth for 15 minutes, seems their unionized employees have to have a coffee break. Needless to say there were a lot of angry people in the line. Half time was over so I returned to my seats, sadly beerless. Hopefully they don't still do that, haven't been to a game in Montreal since.

And you know that they are unionised how?

We were told it was in their contract that they had to have a 15 minute break. I am assuming it was a union deal, sorry for the assumption but non-unionized persons generally don't have such clauses in their contract, if they indeed even have a contract. I don't even have a problem with them getting a break but during half time was rediculous and even if it was an emergency bathroom break there should have been more than one per booth. Montreal put on a great Grey Cup otherwise. Great game as well and since I didn't have a lot to drink, I remember most of it. :lol:

I didn't mean anything by it.....
I don't want to take this off topic but it kinda gets under my skin when I hear people place all the worlds problems on unions.(and I am not unionised...used to be though left the union when I became management)

Reminds me of a line by Canadian comic Derick Edwards who says he goes into a bank and the line is long so he complains to the manager who says the tellers are on lunch..

He replies so are all the people in line....Imagine going into a restaurant and having the host tell you your dinner will be late because the Chiefs are all on lunch! :lol:

Chief makes lunch? I didn't know Chief was a chef?!!

We never buy food at Taylor Field, we usually find a restaraunt to eat before or after games.