best and worst concession stands in the CFL

I pick BC for the worst and this is why I spent nearly 35min last year in the line-up ordered 2 hot dogs 2 drinks popcorn and peanuts Lady at the Till could hardly understand English. The Debit card machine didn't work so when I tried to use my Visa the Lady insisted I enter my pin number on the debit card machine .I finally entered some random number that popped into my head . When I finally got back to my seat the Quarter was half over and my food was cold.
As for the best I'd say any other CFL Stadium.

life is tough

I bet they were tofu dogs too.

at least your food wasnt wet

The best BC the worst Edmonton way too crowded... it might have something to do with the cold weather and everyone crowded under the covered area, my hotdog might have been warm at some point but I think it refroze when they handed it too me.

Hey oil, good point about the English speaking staff. Here in southern Ontario, not so much at Ticat games but in a lot of stores, I am finding you really have to enunciate your words when you go and buy something and have a question. I have to say that I’m relearning myself how to pronounce words! :wink:

"Ex-cuh-yuze mee, miss. Doo yoo have this jer-zee in a triple extra large?"

Good one AL!! :lol:

I can only Compare Calgary, BC and Edmonton, but here it goes.

BC = Awful! Warm Beer, cold food. (Over priced too!) No wonder we changed our habits and dine out at one of the many GREAT resteraunts around the Stadium before we go in. I must confess, I don't need to drink a beer during the game to enjoy football.

Calgary = Good. Good food & Prices reasonable (Four years ago) but the smell of cooked Onions waffing through the Stadium.....Heaven!

Edmonton = Good. Again good food decent lineups. Prices reasonable (Three years ago)

Regina: Beer is cold, served from/in cans, and not outrageously priced, so 3 for 3 there.

Food is nothing to write home about - minimal choice, burgers are pucks, dogs are, well, dogs. Lineups are almost non-existent during the game, but a gong-show at half-time.

Eating in the stadium is only out of necessity.

I go to the stadium for the game. Never buy food, occasional soda.

Well, I haven't been to a CFL game... yet. So I can only talk about the fast food places I've gone to to get food for the game.

Worst: KFC. The last time I went they completely botched my order!

Best: Pizza Pizza. For around $4 or $5 you get two slices, fries, a bag of chips, and a pop. Can't go wrong with that.


FYBs private stadium serves the coldest drinks, the best chilli, and a great variety of other foods and snacks. No lineups, service in fluent english, and no charge.

By invitation only though

Please invite me FYB, pretty please with a cherry on top. Although I like my beer served at about 10-12 degrees, not too cold, that's my only request. :wink:

...I'll bet the drinks were....

Do you know why the convenience store chain, 7/11, is called 7/11?

It’s because it’s a crapshoot if the person behind the counter speaks English or not.

In Toronto, at least, convenience stores give me a chance to brush up on my Korean.

Maybe we should learn to speak other languages?
At least they are heere attempting to make a living. How many of us here could do the same in another country where we don't speak the language?

One word: Tailgate.

Actually...That isn't supposed to be two words it?

Totally agree; learning at least a smattering of other languages is fun. I am only fluent in English (as well as Profanity, which is my "mother" tongue), but I do have various amounts of mandarin and cantonese chinese, tagalog, spanish, french, arabic, korean, vietnamese, and is fun to use them with native speakers of those languages, who are usually quite surprised that I have taken the time and effort to learn at least a few basic phrases.

Best compliment I ever got was when I was in China and was told by more than one person that I met that I spoke mandarin Chinese with no accent.

I agree it would be great for us to learn other languages, if we want to. Sure, it does add to your experience of living.

but if you don't want to, that's fine, to each his own. I'm impressed Mad with what your ability to speak some foreigh languages, good on ya!