Best and LaBatte likely not to return this season

More bad news as it looks like pinning our hopes of getting Best and Labatte back this season in not likely to happen according to Jones.

Here is the link :

This isn't really shocking to me as I had a gut feeling that neither would be back. I also would not be shocked if both retire at the end of the season due to health reasons. Too bad to go out like that for both of them if it indeed turns out that way.

Based on conversations I have had like a week or so ago I find it extremely surprising. I am thinking it is a case of if they had a few wins we would see at least one back.

It almost seems like none of the lingering players from last year will be around at this pace, that leaves bag, and durant up for grabs to. I don't have a lot of confidence that darian will be back after reading that, but I hope I'm wrong.

Well it sounds like its pretty much confirmed both Labatte and Best done for the season. Quite possibly the end of Labatte's career.