Best 2 yard catch in CFL history?

Probably, especially since they got credit for 5 yards on the play.

He kind of remidsme of Bishop, makes increadible catches at times, then cant catch a cold others

The line of scrimmage was about a length of the ball from the 40 and the official marked it just over the 41 yard line. Unless the math is different where you live that ain't 5 yards.

The play I see when I click on that link is McDaniel's catch for the tying 2 point convert.

Unless the Tabbies inexplicably switched to NFL rules and scrimmaged the ball on the 2 for just that play, it was a 5 yard catch.

You're clicking on my signature link lol.The one I posted is above that and is a Brock Ralph catch from '06.

And that was the farthest pass Maas threw as a Cat if I'm not mistaken!!

:D :D :D

Ahhh. I saw it now. I can just imagine what was going through Ralph's mind.....

"OK....gonna run a quick out...snap on we go....ohmygod...I'm gonna get hit..I'm gonna get hit...I gotta get down....whew I'm down....ohmygod what's this brown thing coming at's gonna hit me I better put up my hands...oh-oh, it's the ball....I'm gonna get hit...I'm gonna get hit....there's the whistle....whew."