Best 2 QBs of the game

  1. Kevin Eakin
  2. Patrick Josten

No argument there, Josten was a real surprise after reading some posts on here earlier he wasn’t very good. He looks like a keeper…that was a well throw ball to Morreale and he can run.

i don’t think i agree…i’m an eakin fan but he seemed in love with the long ball, while maas marched them with the ten to fifteen yard passes that you have to make to sustain drives in our league…nice to debate which of three qb’s looked good, especially when the fourth didn’t really get much of a chance to show what he can do… of course, what we haven’t mentioned is good (but not always great) pass protection, and exceptional run blocking…nice start for an o-line that’s new to each other, and which rotated folks…

Maas looked just as good as Eakin, just not as flashy.

Don't forget that Maas was playing against Toronto's veterans on defense unlike Josten. I hope that we can have another look at Josten next week; that throw to Morreale was nicely delivered.

As far as I’m concerned MAAS is the
best quarterback in the CFL at this
moment, bar none!

Eakin went 7/17 for 153 yards, Maas went 6/10 for 84 yards. And Josten went 3/4 for 50 yards. Josten also had 12 rushing yards on one carry. And I understand that Josten did put up quite a few rushing yards in his college career.

From what I understand, Josten was not likely to make the team with the way the "other" R. Williams was playing. He had to put on a good performance here, but could he beat out Williams for that #3 spot?

It sounds like Eakin looked more impressive than maas... was he?

They both looked good, thats really all you can say. Im happy to have a guy like Eakin ready to come in. He can do the job.

Im quite sure that richie williams will lose the battle for GB spot #3. Josten just played too well. Granted, he was playing against 3/4th stringers, but he made some good passes and some good choices. Although that pass into quad coverage to morreale was inadvised, it turned out great.

It's hard to tell who is the best QB in a pre-season game. The play calling is designed to test each guy and each phase of the team out instead of establishing team momentum. I wouldn't think there would be much of a game plan per se which explains why there were certain times when the running plays were being called one after the other after the passing game was doing well. Pre-season games are strange animals as a close game, although great for the fans, can disrupt the goal of evaluation for both teams.....A blow-out either way actually helps the evaluation in game conditions as the time isn't wasted on just trying to win the game........we saw that last night as we got to get everyone in there for evaluation in a timely manner and got good film on our guys in game conditions. Not saying I wasn't happy we won though! was awesome!

Hey, how about that Renard Cox too !!....I'm happy for the guy as he's always a quiet sort of fellow but can really step up!