Best 1,2s in the League

There is no controversy just a great deal of depth that we've lacked for years. Who cares if the starters are making a bundle.

Keep both Printers and Williams...these guys will push each other and one will come out on top.

Keep both Caulley and Lumsden and build specific plays for them both. Whoever plays better plays more. Keep the defences guessing.

Can't have a $500,000 back-up in the CFL.
Printers is the starter, or Printers gets cut!!

  1. Burris/Dickenson

  2. Jackson/Pierce

Our real depth is at RB
Nobody touches Caulley, Lumsden, Smith


Why the need to trade one, or “start” one.

Be glad that the coaches have the luxury of options when changes are needed for whatever reason.

Yes, I can`t remember having this much depth at Quarterbacks and Running backs. I say keep them and let them scare the leagues defences!!