Besides Mike Kelly.........

What don't you like about the team and want changed. This needs it's own thread, vent away, anything goes except Mike Kelly.

I'll start us off:

Linebackers. Lobendahn is too injury prone, Simpson is a head case, Shabazz has disappeared and Charleton couldn't tackle to save his life.

We need help at linebacker right now, and why the database hasn't even brought in one while the roster has been expanded, is odd.

in regards to the lb situation

jolo is good, but i wouldnt sign him to a long term deal (im not sure his contract status right now)
simpson is fine in the middle... but cant have much left in the tank

i personally think charlton has had a pretty good year, far better than recent years... sure he's missed a few open field tackles but those are what stick out always, hes been very good in coverage on rbs and extra wr's this year.... as has shabazz... shabazz hasnt been as dominant but his role has changed since the beginning of the year, shabazz is dropping back into coverage a heck of a lot more lately... and has been doing a good job at it...

i like what i see from dogget when he gets playing time, maybe he will help in the future.

I would like to see titus ryan back there with JJ on kick returns, Hefneys done alright but ryan is a real threat to take one back.. i think from his early games in cgy he still has one of the highest return yrd averages in the league.. having both those guys back there would be scary and ould spread the return coverage... leaving more space for JJ to run with... sounds scary to opposing teams! :rockin:

I'm with towelie, I think the line backers are fine but aging (Simpson and Ike). The simpson thing seems to have turned a corner, and for the most part the positions are played well. I will agree however that Jo-Lo is looking like the defensive version of Lumsden. A glass linebacker isn't much good, no matter how talented they are.

QB! I don't have a lot of faith in Bishop (certainly is the best for right now though) so I hope one of the young guys can step up and get it done next year! Bishop has been very good down the stretch, but he still scares the hell out of me :smiley:

NI Depth! Maybe it's just me, but I always feel we suffer greatly when one of our NI starters goes down while other teams seem to have no problems adapting (ie: SASK). But go ahead and set me straight if this is just in my head!

Let me see if I follow this. The defence has been the strength of the team all year. And the strength of the D has been at LB. And that is where you think you need the most help?
Winnipeg has arguably the best LBing corps in the league. You guys are darned good if that is where you need the most help......

Does seem kind of asinine doesn't it.

I'm still curious to see what people think as far as changes should be.

Likely won't be much of anything except Kelly, but since he is off limits, Bishop, other than that ?????

your right but thats right now we are looking at the future why we as fans have completly forgot we are in the middle of a playoff race is beyond me... but if you look at it next year Simpsons more than likely gone so we have shabazz, Ike, and Lobo... I personally thought Ike was done last year but he's come back and proved me wrong but i think he's got 1-2 yrs left thats it and Shabazz descent but has injury problems not as bad as Lobo but they are still there and Lobo he's a back-up and he gets injured lots put him in a a full season what do we get outta him 9 games that ain't gonna cut it so we will just have to go to the database i'm guessing and try to find the likes of a couple Hefney's (linebacker version's however)

im sure they'l bring in plenty of lbs to next years tc. hopefully we'l get lucky and find a couple good ones.. obviously qbing for the future is an issue... a system change id like to see more of is more fred reid and yvenson bernard... i agree in the cfl that you pass to open the run, but with the two talented backs we have i think we could take a lot more time off the clock and really wear down opposing d lines with these two. run in and out - keep them guessing.... itl only open up the passing game more for happy with our recent offensive success but were not always gonna hit those big plays like we have been, id like to see our all star rb get more involved in this offense, i think were seriously underutilizing him.

Really the only spot I can think of is MLB. Simpson seems to have lost a step, and RBs and QBs just run right past him. I know he had like 7 tackles vs Montreal, but most of them were around McPherson's ankles once he'd run past Barrin. J Lo is probably a better player right now, but gets hurt way too often. He's just not dependable...never know if you're gonna get a full game out of him.

Pretty happy with what I see everywhere else I look...

Bishop is probably the main reason Bombers have won 4 of last 5 games! Perhaps when Bombers win Grey Cup and Bishop is MVP of game? No I suspect there will still be a large number wanting him run out of town, sadly.

Hmmm...I can't remember. Has Bishop ever gone into a season as the number 1 guy?

I sure don't see a reason for him to be chased out of town. Guy's done everything that's been asked of him. Surely rates an invite to training camp.

I think the Bombers will need more quality competition at QB (another proven vet in addition to Bishop), another MLB who isn't as injury prone as Simipson or Lobendahn, another quality Canadian receiver, and more quality Canadians on the O-Line. The last two needs can probably easily be filled by draft picks in 2010, especially because Winnipeg will have a high first round pick.The database can probably find the other two guys.

Other than that, the Bombers look solid. Kelly has risen from the ashes, and done a good job, much to my dismay.

I think we've got 3 pretty good NI receivers in Ralph, Hargreaves, & Arthur.

I think we'll need a new MLB next year as Simpson won't be kept and Lobendahn can't be counted on for a full season. It'll be interesting to see if Ike has another year in him. He's been very good this year though. I think Kelly Campbell will be a Bomber next year. He and Kelly are tight and he'll be a FA. Campbell, Edwards, Ryan, Arthur, & Bowman would be the best receiving corp in the league. I also wouldn't be shocked to see Gavin Walls traded. The two youngs guys we have are amazing and Walls would still have a lot of value around the league. Maybe get some draft picks back for him.

I hope we bring Bishop back next year. Bishop, Lefors, Bramlett, Santos, & Shockley will be our TC qb's next season. I want to see what Lefors can do when he's healthy and has a better offensive scheme to work with. He was 1-1 before he got hurt this season playing in a system that none of the other qb's could make work, including Bishop.

the defence is definately good... i think if we can keep it together, maybe find another mlb next year because, as previously stated, lobo seems to be a bit injury prone, and simpson is probably going to take of this winter

Derrick doggett looks like a keeper and should provide good depth on the outside.... i wouldnt mind taking another look at that johnson guy we had at tc this year... had something like 14 tackles in two pre season games

and on offence... Bishop has officially won me over... i love this guys toughness... doesnt matter how much he's hurting, he'll come out and give his all every time

sure he has some really really bad games, but he plays well more then he does bad... not to mention he didnt even have a pre season here, he didnt know the system, whatever that is, and wasnt familiar with any of the recievers.

i really believe that if we keep the Defence together, bring in one more legit receiver (kelly campbell anyone) and keep who we have on offence, we'll have a very strong team next year with some familiarity and bishop having a TC under his belt.

its amazing how fast this team has come together after such an overhaul in the offseason... and it was needed folks

You are right Kubie, Bishop has never gone in to a season as the number 1 guy in his professional career. Toronto in 2008 was as close as he ever got.We all know the story.

Yup...11-1...god I hated him then... LOL!

This is a great topic and i have to ALMOST agree with all the posts, yes we need a reliable MLB, that is an obvious with JOLO out half of every season. As far as Simpson is concerned, i think he will be released or traded (i'll go with released), but i still think Simpson can have a positive influence in the locker room and still has game, i don't know what you are seeing but i see Simpson still has speed (7 tackles and 3 knockdowns is a good game for a MLB), will he stay and will we keep him is the question? Kelly still likes JOLO, that is not a good sign, against BC JOLO was obviously injured and had no impact as a MLB, i stated before when Simpson plays the whole team seems to play. Like it or not Simpson is respected by player's and fans and is a true leader. Remember Stegall was a great leader, stayed one more year, had a below average season in 2008 and all the other reciever's played like all stars, so why can't Simpson be an impact leader? I do agree however that we need to bring in competition at all LB spots in 2010 as Ike and Crew are getting near the end of there careers, respectively!!

QB situation will be a concern once again, but Kelly should have learned his lesson, Bishop will be back in training camp along with LeFors, Santos, Bramlet, DiMichele (currently on PR) and 2 more to be named, if you were referring to D.J Shockley, maybe, but the guy bounced around the NFL more than any QB i can think of in the NFL. Maybe if he can learn the Canadian game quick, he may be an option, but i wouldn't put my money on him coming North. Instead of going South and trying to find that diamond in the rough, why not work with what we have and maybe pick up another CFL QB as competition. Personally i did not like what i seen from Bramlet, Santos is young and may be a good back up and DiMichele has barely touched a CFL ball, never mind seen a CFL field!! Why not AT LEAST try and go after another QB already in the league like KJ, Jyles, Jackson (two of the mentioned will be available). Printers has Wally's Confidence, even though he made a dumb throw in OT to lose the game for BC, but he gave BC there best chance to win in weeks and looks darn good (take note Kelly..LOL...).

As It stands it looks like 2010 will be Bishop, LeFors and ??????

...I hate to speculate on who's going to be kept or traded....but i would have to say right now Simpson and Walls have to be likely candidates before the 2010 season....I'm just beside myself with the play of Willis and Hunt...really good additions at a time, when we needed quality starters, with the exit of Perry and Walls...Getting Ryan and Arthur from Cal. along with Willis, could be the steal of the year.....

...I would like to see the addition of another middle linebacker....or pursue one in the free agency market (if a player of quality becomes available)....I wouldn't mind seeing a us make a play for a bonafide returner....I know a lot of guys will say 'what's the matter with Jovon or Ryan'....two very capable answer will be ... i cringe everytime i see those heavy-duty hits on punt returners in general and to lose a Johnson or Ryan (this guy is a solid receiver) would really hurt...

...I don't know if we are going to be in the market for another with could be a possibility, if one becomes a Pierce or Jackson....I would reserve comment on that until we see how Bishop is going to finish the year

...Al in all i'm really liking the looks of this team at present....the BigBlue have bolstered the o line today with the addition of Ryan Ackerman , who is a former team-mate of Brendon LaBatte...They both played for the Regina Rams and if he turns out to be another LaBatte....great signing....

....Some speculation that we will obtain the services of Kelly Campbell....who is really tight with Kelly and Campbell....IF that becomes a reality i would say we might just have 'potentially' the best receiver combo in the league....I'll wait for confirmation on that one though...

...The future is looking better and better for the BigBlue each passing day....time for those fence sitters to get out to the stadium and see a Cup contender being put together....and it'll be a lot sooner than some people think :wink: :thup: :rockin:

Your guys are really looking good lately papa. . . quite the turnaround from, say, the first four or five games, isn't it?

....has my head-spinning....... :smiley:

Although you probably don't care about my opinion, what I would change with the Bomber's is first and foremost replace Kelly and hire an OC. From there I would sign a QB stud or two from the states just to keep the flow of good QB's going. Next I would look to FA for a proven good OL and LB or trade to get one. My next priority would be to get a K/P on the PR because Westwood can't last forever. Other then that, I'd say the Bomber's look pretty good. Oh, one more thing. I'd try and feed Reid some modesty because obviously he doesn't have an ounce of it in his body.