Bertolet, You're Fired. Gabriel Ferraro You're In

After a lackluster performance import Bertolet has been released and replaced with National Gabriel Ferraro. Thiis an improvement. The fans have been wanting this for weeks


Will Ferraro be the K this week? My guess is no. He was cut, late in training camp, when the club chose Bertolet, as best, and Domagala was kept on the P.R. I'm not aware of anything that would make our coaches believe that Ferraro has improved his skills over the past 4 months of no play.

Apparently he's in quarantine. So go get em in the playoffs.

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I'll correct myself, somewhat, on saying "no play." I see Ferraro was released by WPG, at the first of this month, after spending a couple of weeks on their P.R. Maybe somebody in their organization gave him a thumbs up for the Cats.

I wonder too if Domagala has a clean week of kicking if he would just remain the kicker in the playoffs and Ferraro is depth.

Ticats chose to keep Domagala around over Ferraro in the first place.

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If he was with the peg why does he have to quarantine

Perhaps because it's been 2 weeks since the Bombers released him.

I don't know of this guy but from reading these post I get the impression he wasn't good enough to kick field goals at the start of the year so I really don't have much hope he is a improvement now. I hope I'm wrong and he does a good job for the Cats.

So why have none of these 'reputable' CFL media sources mentioned that Ferraro kicked for the Roughriders for a month in 2019 filling in for injured Lauther?

He was 7 of 9 with a long of 48 (including 3 for 3 against the Cats) and was 11 of 12 on converts.

It was pretty clear in this piece:

The five-foot-10, 178-pound native of Mississauga, ON appeared in five CFL games with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2019, converting seven of his nine field goal attempts (77.8 percent) and 11-of-12 extra point attempts.

So is 3DownNation now a "reputable" CFL media source?