Bert and Ernie in Regina Friday!!!

Just heard on some radio station from Regina via the internet that none other than Bert and Ernie from Seasame Street will be visiting the Riders on Friday to help with learning to count to 12. When asked why they were going to help the green Riders out, they said that a friend of theirs always told them it wasnt easy being green.

Rest assured Riders faithful, this taunting will pass

Or not.

If your going to make fun of us Rider fans at least do it properly
The Count is the best guy to help us :smiley:

Besides I heard that Bert and Ernie were coming Sunday.
Big Bird told them that Wally wanted Bert to try out as the new quarterback :lol:
Well as far as Ernie he's there just to laugh at them

So glad hockey is done and football is starting.
oh you guys are so funny... my sides hurt...... lollollol....

That just never gets old.. Cause they are the only team in the history of football to ever have too many men on the field during a play..

It's all in the circumstances.

I heard that songs from this album were being played during Rider practices:

Maybe I can help.
I am no count, but I am a Baron.


Oh my God.

No, they're not. HOWEVER, they are the only team to do so in a way that cost them the Grey Cup. The tears of all the (insert naughty word here) Riders fans around me who were heckling me all evening for the Lions losing at the Grey Cup were quite delicious. Humble Pie is a most bitter pie indeed.

Jman, did you have to quote that pic? That... thing is frightening! :?

There is far worse out there. I will not post what I know as I would certainly get b&.
As epic as Chin-Chan is, I do believe this is her dog who is equally as epic.

Consider this thread hijacked! :smiley:

I don't understand what posting the Pics of the Lions starting cheerleading squad has to do with the Riders Math skills. :lol:

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Nice try, pal. 8)

We can debate and speculate who has the better football team from now until next week, but dance teams? Sorry that is so one-sided for B.C., it's an unfair fight. :cowboy:

:D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

It is pretty pathetic when fans from a team that got totally embarrassed in the eastern final last year still hang their hat on poking fun at a team that made the Grey Cup final after winning the western conference not finishing fourth like their team. Sounds like sour grapes to me. By the way, the Grey Cup experience was wonderful having my team in it again!!!
I'll send you a postcard to the wetcoast this year when we are there again!!
Riders Rule
Lions Drool
Rider Pride Nation Wide

:rockin: :roll: :cowboy:

At least the Lions beat the Al's last year and they all graduated from grade three! Riders looked better last year because the other three Western teams were underachievers!!

u ever been to the zoo? lions do indeed drool as ur lil grade 4 song represents. im not from bc, ill give u some props on edumacation. :stuck_out_tongue:

When BC was called for too many men tonight during the game there was a loud applause, and some people around me were yelling "they stole our play".

If you can't laugh at yourself than who can you laugh at.

tO 5440- I guess that is a good alibi to use each time your team loses (underachieve). Good psychology. Coach Wally calls the team in after the Eastern final which the lions lost by 50+ points or so and says"... we did not lose men, we underachieved." I like it and each time the Lions lose I will dedicate an underachievement award to you 5440.
On a truce-making note, the Lions looked better than most thought they would be- but- before anyone gets too excited remember folks THESE ARE EXHIBITION GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take it on the chin and admit it with a regular season loss. :cowboy: :wink: I like Lulay - he is the real meal. I would start him. Unselfish, smart, has a great arm and very athletic. He is your future and will excite fans in the CFL.