Berry's agnostic attitude

I think Berry has built a solid theme not speaking his mind, for the "lack of officiating" (i.e.quality) from last week.

By far the best psychological head-coaching Winnipeg has seen in the last 2+ decades! (e.g. no joke!)

Berry has used the excuse of poor officiating, and left that to the media and its fans to decide upon. That sort of strategy will not be brought onto the players; but leaves it on the field where it belonged.

Be as nice as possible to the officials and maybe someday the Bombers will get a call at a critical time.

No, that's not what I meant. . . it has more to do with acting complacently towards the officiating. Which in Berry's case, he knows that flying off the handle won't change a thing. Berry is using this to an advantage that the men on the field control their destiny, and that the CFL keep a closer eye on their incompetence. Berry knows better then to beat a dead horse, when the league would better shoot themselves in the foot with everyone watching.

Absolutely BCO.....Berry immediately started focusing on the EE game, which many have already mailed in as W for the Esks....except of course for the Bomber coaches and players....

With all due respect to berry, Glenn was making really good reads all game. With the exception of Mtl blitz, Glenn did find his recievers rather quickly most times. The key to focus on is getting the pass rush on Ray next game.

...i know one thing....Berry believes in the Bombers and the coaching staff....cuz he hates losing and lousy what....i like his attitude..he'll bring a winner to the Peg. just get that feeling about the guy...go get em Doug....and go BIGBLUE... :thup: :rockin:

I got a really good feeling with how Glenn looked, I've never seen him throw the way he was against MTL. To be honest, Glenn has a confidence he never knew he had. Glenn to Thurmon resembles Jones to Bruce. Arjei Franklin has the hands of Donald Narcisse. . . he looked real good catching the ball.

thanks bigo, its good to be back, and Kevin is looking better every game as is Thurmon, he reminds me of Bruce when he first arrived.