Berry the hypocrite

In all fairness EE, any club would want to get a good lead in the first half. In this crazy league, no lead is safe at halftime. However, Berry backed off early with lots of the second team in. You can't tell those guys to relax because that is when they get hurt. In November who will care what the score was?

.....any team that is except for one coached by Kanga-Kucha who felt a good strategy in this game was to 'allow' the alouettes to build a first half lead by having the BBs play soft, then the BBs would storm back int he second half by 'surprizing' the Als with their secret weapons, or something.....

I didn't personaly read or hear about Berry crying about the Al's running up the score. Just kinda responded to the 1st post of this thread.


There sure was alot of crying about it on "Off The Record" on TSN earlier this week !! loll

lol... That one was funny before the game. It's even more after.

You gotta admit Berry almost tried KK's strategy. He let us leave to the locker room with a 1 point lead. Then, he surprised us by adding d-linemen to his o-line and stealing the show by yelling like a madman and giving the fingers to the Als.

[quote="LeBird"]In all fairness EE, any club would want to get a good lead in the first half. In this crazy league, no lead is safe at halftime. ]

Yup, we know that drill this year....the 30 minute BC Lions. Great 1st half, terrible second half.

Hey EE, I'm assuming you are refering to when you say the Bombers ran up the score on Edmonton. Well let me tell you something....Watch the games....Berry had that sack of crap Mike Quinn in the game for most of the fourth quarter. If your guys can't cover the chair I'm sitting in then don't cry.

That said nobody shoold ever complain about the score getting run up. They are all pros. Have some pride was plain to see Berry shook the Dons' hand after the whats' all the crying he didn't go down the ALS' bench and shake each and every players hand.....I didn't see the Don shake Melveauxs' hand....i think that would have been i said before ...some people have to learn to quit whining... :lol: :lol:

I would say the author here, EE, is the hypocrite... when his team loses, he is nowhere to be found, but when his team wins , he is the 1st one to gloat... he is the one with no class...

EE, why do you even come back here nobody takes anything you say seriuosly, you are a jerk.

yawn .... he got smacked by his old team ...give the guy break. He`ll figure out the politically correct side of headcoaching over time.

Yeah, I thought it was kind of funny he was saying how Montreal was running up the score, meanwhile they ran up the score on the Eskimos. They were throwing deep passes, and only ran the ball about twice in the fourth quarter against Edmonton. Jason Johnson was in the whole fourth quarter and only threw 4 passes.

Well, why blame Don Matthews not to run up the score? They are in the same division, every point counts.

exactly Daley would have waxed philosophically about rebuilding and sffort bla bla bla and how solid the Als where and bla bla bla and everyone would have thought well spoken what a great great guy and thus the bombers go 5 - 13 ....every coach is pissed after a loss like that one .. no good coach woulnt be . the fact is with experience Berry will show his feeling off camera perferabley but after all it only football so who really cares if he is politically incorrect.

Agreed … I would have prfered that to happen and it didn`t. I am guessing there is a lot of history there and circumastances that where chllenging for Berry. This is the learning curve of a head coach and Berry is a very god coach with some growing to do in the political smarts department. It will come

I agree! The fans pay money to see scoring so if the game gets out of hand just maybe stop the game and tell everyone to go home! The name of the game is to score points! If the other team does not play great then I guess that should fall on the losing players shoulders do you not think!

I think Berry will have a nervous breakdown before seasons end....I mean the guy looks like a walking heart attack all game...

Just the rookie thing. He'll be ok.

that's what you call sure beats the 'dead' look Daley least we know our coach is alive and in the the intensity of a have to learn to control it..Berry will be just fine... :rockin: :wink:

thats right paps, Berry is the exact opposite of the white zombie.

I was actually very surprised in 2004 when the Bombers named Daley as head coach. I felt for the Bomber fans, knowing that Daley just isnt cut out to be a head coach. He may be a good assistant , and can actually help a team out. Taman could have picked anyone of the other assistants at the time and have gotten better results. come you're making so much sense these days's nice to see we can agree sometimes....o.k ..a little bit....well maybe marginaly.....minutely...oh what the're right sambo.. :lol: