Berry the hypocrite

This guy is an embarrassment to the league, the Blue Bombers and the city of Winnipeg.

"In his postgame news conference, Berry accused the Als of running up the score."

So Berry doesn't like it when someone runs up the score on him, but it's cool to do it to other teams.

I was going to heckle a few of the BB players tomorrow night, but now it's going to be all Berry!!

I wonder what I should yell at him? Any suggestions? Anything anyone would like me to pass on?

how about GO BIG BLUE....that'll get Berrys attention... :lol:

After he cooled down the next day he actually thanked Montreal for doing that.

Probably what cooled him down was an attitude adjustment from Lyle Bauer.

the CFL doesnt need lunatics on the sidelines. Bring back Riley.

lol berry can sure dish it, but cant take it. Macocia got it handed to him but he went over and congragulated berry and a few players. Thats the diffrence between a GREY CUP winning coach, and (edited) berry.

dude berry just lost his cool thats all that happens in football

but you gotta act like a professional, you are a prfessional coach so you have to act like one and congragulate the other team.

Why would the Als NOT want to run up the score ??

Lets say that the Als and the Bombers finish in a tie in 1st position come end of is the champ determined ?

points for - points against ?

If its points....was it a good decision for the Als to continue to score as much as possible ?

But EE's point was Berry was whining about the Als winning by 28 points, just after HIS SQUAD beat Edmonton by 36. Gotta admit he might not get anyone on his side for that one.

I never heard Berry complain about the Als running up the score except for the one finger salute.....what Berry said after the game was he took it as a compliment, meaning that they still play 2 more games against the Als and the Als know they could lose both and possibly the tie breaker...

As for running up the score against the EE....Glenn did it all in the first half and back up QB Quinn carried on.....did you see Nealon in for the fianl minutes of the Als game........

.....I don't see what the big deal is about running up the score.....if the losing team can't hack it then tough luck, why should the winning team play at the loser's level.....

....Couple of years ago the Riders were accused of running the score up on the Stamps when Dunnigan was Coach.....they were playing third stringers in the fourth quarter and still scoring, what else could Barret do?......put nine guys out on the field?!..... always play to win, sometimes to play to really win, you know, send a statement.....

Yeah and if I remember correctly some Calgary fans complained about Sask putting in second and third stringers because they tried to hard to impress the coaches and ran up the score... :roll:

......maybe, but I wasn't one of them......

What about the fans paying for tickets or choosing to watch on TV. Are they not "allowed" to be entertained for 60 minutes?

Bombers enjoyed flying in Calvillo's legs in game one, well they should shut up and take it like pro's when they get beat. Maybe next time Matthews should go over at half-time and make Berry say "uncle"

28 points probably dosen't qualify in the top 500 highest differential in league history.

Instead of giving the finger to people maybe he should be busy coaching young players on the sidelines.

Berry's a joke. If you can't act professional on the bench, and not yell at the refs every game while turning beat red in the face, then you don't belong as a head coach in the CFL. Now he's the most entertaining coach to watch on the sidelines, he took the honour from danny m.

LOL! Love the pic of the Baby Blues!

I kind of miss what he was doing in game one: Attacking his face with his hands, it was quite entertaining. I wasn't quite sure if he was going to poke an eye out or wedge a finger up his nose. Was just waiting for Sigourney Weaver to show up on the sideline wearing her picking robot suit and call him B i t c h !

Glad of it...

i don't really think that's the case. taman said berry's actions afterward were a big reason he was hired in the first place. he wanted a man that was passionate about winning and hated losing.