Berry start Randfall next game..

....This guy never got a real shot in the Cal. game.....i think we should reverse the rotation on the qbs. ... what the hell have we got to lose....We need a qb. ....maybe someone will show up.. :roll: :roll: :lol:'s a point one must consider .....Anthony Calvillo had nothing to show....but he went out and performed like his play-off life was at stake.....He makes Kevin Glenn look like a bunch of used up ... and a never was two-bit qb.....The old expression of ....that guy couldn't carry ACS' jock-strap sure applies here....This is the reason the Bombers will be lucky to get out of the gate in the play=-offs....I have to tell it like it is....BOMBERS HAVE NO QB.....The auditions should start now... give what we have now, a fair shot...cuz 09 is fast approaching..... :wink:

What the hell is the matter with Glen? It's like he's afraid to be out there. Terrible decision making. Terrible time of year for this to happen to him.

He hasn’t been the same since he had that hit to the noggin in the Edm game. Before that he was on a very nice roll. We’ve seen flashes of this before, only to be erased by an injury/hit to Glenn and he just doesn’t come back the same. Very poor decisions, little to no mobility, and most of all no confidence.

Calgary has Henry and Hank, we got Glenn and Sven

I don’t know if Glenn can get his mojo back in the next couple games, but if he doesn’t there is little hope of us winning with him at the helm. I think Glenn starts each remaining game, but PLEASE pull him early if he does not produce!!!

I agree...Glen has to be the starter for us to have any chance. Somebody get him a shrink or something!

....OR SEND HIM TO REHAB...I want to see Randall and Chang get a good shot against the Als.....let Glenn tune-up against the hammer....and IF we go out on our own truf in the semi...I would hope that Glenn will come back next year with the notion planted firmly in his brain that he'll be a back-up next year....based on his performance in 08...

Randall did no better than Glenn did I thought it would be fun to see Randall play but he isn't anything special at all. They should be taking a look at the game footage from the 3 QBs and based on that decide who will start. I would love to see anyone but Glenn start though Dinwiddie or Randall.

Glenn's always shaky coming off an injury (that blow to the head was worse than reported). But it is a good time to get Dinwiddie and Randall playing and it sounds like they will all see more action down the stretch.

Don't forget the regular season is essentially over at this point for the Bombers and the only chance they have going into the playoffs is if all the starters are healthy.

Just wonderin how u could say that afta 5 pass attemps. What actually did u see of him. Please tell me cauz its hard to follow him from here with limited or no coverage here in the us. I do beleive that this his first game action ever in the league. I been followin his stats close and actually I am on here to follow him . He is a hometown guy to me. So any inside info from people that watch the game is greatly appriciated.

I agree that randall should get some reps. and maybe move ahead of dinwiddie in the rotation. but there is 2 games left in the season. the bombers need to play their top lines and try fix their problems before november 8th and changing qbs now is a bad decision. drop dinwiddie in the off season. and put randall in to test glenn. i think it stime to revamp so i would even go so far as ditch glenn and get a player or 2 for him and give randall a season to get beat up and develop in the cfl.

i dont have the patients for getting another qb in starting form, lets just stick with glenn for 1 more year and if that doesnt work out we will bring in some new guys, also we need to see who is better of Randall, Chang, Dinnwiddie and release the worst 1 or 2.

But i agree we should start Randall and not play Kevin until the 4th quarter, because by that time we will probably be getting killed, so the als defence wont be going as hard so kevin can get into a rhythm and get some confidence, and then start kevin for the rest of the season!

now that is an awesome plan!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Looks like Randall and Chang will get some playing time this week and why not, let's see what they can do.

chang is a ick we shouldn;t have made. why not make an attemt to ge williams. he to me was very good at moving the hamilton ofence and it looks like they want to stick with porter.

dinwiddie has to go. love his devotion but just doesn;t have the strength to gun the ball into tight areas. andall is a guy taman has wanted for years. so est him let him go and get ebat u and see how well he overcomes. might come out and shock us all. chang i never really cared for. but keep him as number 3 to push randall and glenn.

wow. good thing I got here in time.
it's called believing in the big blue folks.
it's about playing at the end of the season and staying with your quarterback
you won't win with a new qb taking procedure calls now.
don't look for one hit wonders now.
the bombers got joe smith so he could run the ball in the cold.
kevin glenn is anout to blow the doors off with romby and milt .
put your jersey on, start thinking like tom clements and live every moment
your kicker will be called upon now and coach berry has prepared him well.

you are living in WINNERPEG!

Come on now the guy played 4 minutes, how can you evalute his performance considering he has NOT EVEN practiced with the first team and NEVER PLAYED IN THE CFL before. Give him more playing time to properly evaluate him. It's way to early to evaluate him based on his LIMITED playing time and NOT practicing on the first team.

:thup: Good on Randall today. The kid looked exactly as in pre-season. Randall moves so well out there. It only took a few war-amps commercials (Glenn then Dinwiddie) to go down, but - Randall proved he has a ton of potential it was awesome.

.....DON'T KNOW WHEN....but this kid has got starting material written all over him....He needs MORE reps. ....then watch out...He runs the ball better than any qb. i'vbe seen for awhile...tremendous acceleration and speed...and he's got a good arm....I've noted this from the start of the season also , bigcanadiano....i think we have a star of the future here....Nothing against Dinwiddie have to admire the guys spunk....staying in the game on one pin...BUT....i'd like to see more of Randall in the future... :rockin: :thup:

....once again sorry bout the stamps more game and off she comes.....see what you get when your heart for your team ...overrules your head... :lol: