Berry has lost the team

Respect in the room has been eroded

Troy Westwood Sunday Aug. 10 2008

Winnipeg Sun

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Troy sure packs a 1-2 punch.

I love it when people with no class get exposed. that's journalism.
Always liked that Troy Westwood. An honest guy who tells it like it is...gotta like that.

Hopefully this doesn't motivate the Bombers.

Very Telling I don't Think Westwood is Bitter

No, Westwood's not bitter at all...ya right. Berry cuts him because he refused to retire because he couldn't kick not bitter at all.

My favorite Westwood moment is still the time at Ivor Wynne when Westwood was shotting his big mouth off and on one particular punt a cat returner was going down the sidelines and Chris Shelling decided to pay Westwood back by drilling him right into the dugout on what I would call an "agreesive" downfield block.

Didn't hear much from Westwood for a while after that.

Don't like Westwood, never have, I have zero respect for the man. If what he says is true, than that is good for the Cats.

I see no reason for a "journalist" to write an article like that totally void of fact and comment from any source but full of speculation.....totally off the mark, interesting read...but not professional in any way if you ask me.

I listened Westwood,s press conferance after he was Cut,he said he was the best punter in Camp, he said he could still placekick to. IMHO the Ticats should pick him up it will help with the ratio. As for Bombers H.C , turn out the lights the Party is over.

I really really hope that was sarcasm.

Obviously he's bitter, but I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't some truth to what he's saying. Something is definately wrong there. They have all the tools and they're not winning.

interesting article

so in the first game berry blames the loss on his returner.

in the most recent game last friday against montreal he blamed it on his kicker for missing 3 FG's even though the bombers had lost by 29....not 9.


Although some my question Taaffe as a coach he doesn't signal players out in the media and he takes most of the blame.

glovesave said

I see no reason for a "journalist"
to write an article like that

totally void of fact

and comment from any source but full of speculation.....

totally off the mark, interesting read...

but not professional in any way
if you ask me.


Read the article again, glovesave

Troy was in the locker room when
Doug Berry made this speech.

"many of you are here

not because you were better than
who you were competing against in camp,

but because you were cheaper."

and then Berry publicly said after the game that

he hoped the returner would be more
"judicious" in his decision-making

when running the ball out of the end zone.

Troy, among others, actually saw Berry
signal Fred Reid to run the ball out.

I have despised Berry since last year when he tried to run up the score with that last second field goal ... he is truly a world class pantload.

and he payed for that in the next game :slight_smile:

After we beat them on Thurs I hope the Axe Falls on the Head case coach!

Westwood used the term "very close to the following" which is not a direct quote.

No doubt Westwood having been in the locker room is a better source to what's gone on that any other writer, but, for him to write a negative article like that citing "just a few examples" is totally lacking in professionalism and judgement.

I'm sure if I was in the locker room of every single team I could site "just a few examples" of things that coaches say that would be in bad taste.

For him to say he has lost the room and that veterans don't respect him he offers no proof or comment to support that statement.....and that is sour grapes and not fair.

Berry may have lost the room, but, for an ex-player to say that without IMO any factual basis just looks like sour grapes.

I'm not a Berry fan, I'm not a Westwood fan either, neither of them have much of my respect. Neither of them have any class IMO either, so, meh.

But, for anybody to give Westwood and props or kudo's for telling-it-like-it-is is....well, just wrong IMO. Westwood's comments are personal feelings, and IMO bad taste to be put in a newspaper article of supposed journalism.

Ah, enough of this, both of them are deserving of what they get and I hope the Cats wipe the Bombers out on Thursday....

I'm not a Berry fan either, but Westwood is out of line here. His playing career is over and IMO, it is part of a player or past player's responsibility to forget past disagreements.

This article will turn many Winnipeg fans against their team and particularly against
Berry, possibly deservedly so, but it's counter productive in the long run.

Berry is doing a fine job right now at cutting his own throat without some "has been", completely without class, going public with such a derogatory item, even if some or all of it is factual.

Kudos to Westwood for speaking his mind. Notice how the Bombers haven't actually denied what he said and are only talking about how he was 'out of line' in publishing his article. Well, guess what? Columnists are supposed to have opinions. It's part of their job. Obviously the players are not going to admit to the media that Berry said such an inflammatory thing in the dressing-room, nor should they. They have to worry about their own jobs. But there is no reason Westwood can't say it. Sports journalists draw from their own personal experiences all the time.

Tasteful or not, respectful or not, love Westwood or hate him, if Berry did say that many of the players made it because they were cheaper, not because they were better, the fans deserve to know, because that is a VERY troubling sign.

Sounds like the Bombers don't agree with Westwood's views.

Cutting Troy Westwood apparently wasn't enough for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Now they're banning him from the press box, too.

The team has denied a Sun request for media credentials for the former kicker and now part-time sportswriter, not only for tonight's game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but beyond.

"There will be no media accreditation for Troy Westwood for the rest of the season," Bomber spokesman Arash Madani said.

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Sounds like the move is pretty controversial.

LOL, looks good on you Troy. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving fella.

Ladies and stop on the Karma train...Winnipeg....Westwood this station stop...Westwood.