Berry, Daley among three of the Riders new coaches

I thought Doug Berry did a fantastic job in his short time in Winnipeg as head coach. I do not believe he got a fair shot in Winnipeg, and hopefully he can continue on with our offence that is shaping up to be one of the best in the league. He brings alot to the table. Jim Daley, who coached the Riders back in the days I am sure we would all love to forget, will take over as special teams coordinator.

Well, so far, Taman has done nothing that makes me say I'm glad we got him. Recycled coaches, players that don't make sense, signings left till the last second. Talk about uncertainity. We've faced it in the past, but let's face it, Winnipeg was a complete flop last year and made some great moves so far. To me, I feel like we're running a recycling depot here. Is there no young guns out there ready for new challenges? So far..I say pfffttttt. I said it before, I like Dorsey, but what did we pay and was he a priority?

Winnipeg? You're joking, right? Other than poaching half our coaching staff, have they done anything?

That's what I was referring to... :lol:

Hey, in hunting, all that matters is what's in the freezer, not if you took it by gun, arrow or bumper on the Chevy.

BTW, you being obviously an Artie Lange fan, any word on his return? I've been wondering (off topic I know)

No...the show is off this week of course, but I've never heard any talk about a timeframe for his return, other than the chair's his when he wants to come back.

Berry was not in Winnipeg last season, but he was there in Winnipegs run to the Grey Cup in 2007. If nothing else he should be entertaining to watch on the sidelines as he is a loose cannon.

As OC, he'll be up in the booth, however.

... well then, the fans on the west side better watch the back of their heads as Berry might chuck a clip board.

…he also likes to ‘thumb’ the opposition… :lol: …hey wait a minute…he should fit right in… :lol:

I think the real question with Berry is on everyone's mind...they are just afraid to ask it. But I will: just how far can he chuck a beer can?

Berry took a 5 - 13 Jim Daley team and had them in the GC in 2 years, not bad for any coach, he definitely got the shaft in Winnipeg, imo.

…i have to agree somewhat with you pigseye…it was a culmination of Glenns’ play going into the toilet…the Westwood saga…and his penchant for boiling over on the sidelines which turned a lot of players off that cost Berry his job…When he lost the ‘room’ as everyone claims…his future was definitely in doubt…I didn’t like the way he was dumped without a chance for redemption but Bauer had his eye on the ‘professor’ and we all know how that turned out :thdn: …Maybe Berry will learn to tone it down…and the sask./bombers will reap the benefits…I.m sure looking forward to Labour Day /Banjo Bowl already… :thup: :rockin:

I seem to remember that Berry doesn't stay in the booth during games. I remember many instances in Montreal when he'd be talking to Calvillo on the sidelines during games.

Yep. Berry was usually on the sidelines, not in the booth. Incidentally, our current OC, Scott Milanovich, is also a sideline guy.

Berry,Daley and Dyce are all great signings for their respective positions.
Miller is the key though in making the whole operation run smooth.

Roughriders announce; in an article I found is Sask. has hired Tom Freeman as offensive line coach for the 2010 season.

I'm with Piggy on this one. Winnipeg gave up on him way too soon.

I'll bet if the Riders win big or lose big and Miller gets promoted or fired, Berry will be the next Head Coach in Saskatchewan.

IN'll sure become apparent who the 'brains' have been for the riders....Was/Is Miller the ol wiley fox genius he appeared to be?????.....or did that leave and head off to the Peg....We''ll see :wink:

Well one things for certain and we don’t have to wait for anything. The mathematician is now the Bombers D

I think Berry will be good but Daley??? WTF!? He was basically, in not so many words, asked to resign in Edm and we didn’t like him when he was here in sask last time! I don’t get it, someone please try to sell me on this one so i can feel better before the start of the season, lol!