Berry, Cartwright called by Bomber Brass for Special Meeting

As bad shape as this team is right now, we're only 2 games out of first place. Such is the state of the CFL East.

This is essentially the same team that made it to the Grey Cup last year including the predictable offenses of Kit Cartwright and the lack of coaching adjustments by Doug Berry.

It is these 2 problems that have led to the following:
-QB problems
-collapse of o-line, running game
-inability to change offense
-coaches losing touch with players
-guys like Sheridan, Roberts & others going AWOL (Roberts is doggin' it, he might as well be AWOL)

With this coaching tandem, the Bombers are dead in the water. I'm told that the board called Berry & Cartwright to a special meeting to discuss the future. Both were pretty upbeat about getting the team back on track. A clip of the meeting showed things went pretty much as expected.

We can look forward to better games ahead in the second third of the season.


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THX. I appreciated that petition about Cartwright--it really opened my eyes. I think with our roster as thin as it is, we should keep Cartwright in the front office as a scout/recruiter. A guy that recruited Tom Brady and been in the game for 30 years has a lot of connections.

Berry should've been axed after last year's Grey Cup game. I agree that Taman and Bauer should be swept out, but not till the end of the season. Management reeks of chaos and dissension.

I say bring down Bauer from his ivory tower to coach the team and Khari Jones in to help KG and jumpstart the offense. Maybe Khari can do what Pinball did and use his charisma to get this team to believe in itself again.

As much as they stink, the Bombers are only 2 games out of first place--which might as well be a million if you're the Bombers right now. If they keep things as they are, they'll be lucky to win 2 more games this season.

LOL, fire a coach after he takes you to the Grey Cup? How could Taman have justified that?

Cartwright needs to go, no question, but I think Berry has earned the right to stick around a bit longer. He had tremendous success as the co-offensive coordinator with my Als a few years ago, when Calvillo was enjoying some of his most productive years. I simply can't believe Berry has suddenly become a terrible coach.

  1. What the hell is a co-offensive coordinator? It's a 1 man job. Either he was the coordinator or the assistant.

2.Berry didn't take the Bombers to the Grey Cup--it was the other way around! The Bomber's offense became predictable by the middle of last season and the Bombers made it to the Grey Cup by sheer will that included 2 3rd and 1 stands against Montreal and an alley scrap against T.O. in enemy territory.

3.Berry and Cartwright lost the Grey Cup for the Bombers. Dinwiddie was the scapegoat. If Berry/Cartwright had developed Dinwiddie to the level he is now, we win that game easy. If the OC let Dinwiddie scramble when he had numerous opportunities, we win that game. If Cartwright used Roberts as much as he should have, we win that game.

Cartwright and Berry deserve that "special meeting" in the OP more than Reinbold and Paopao; at least those losers didn't cost us any Grey Cups.

I would have fired Berry the Monday after the Grey Cup loss and reassigned Cartwright as a scout/recruiter.

If the Taman and Bauer continue to stand pat, they might need to be called into for a "special meeting" too.

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