Berry Back in town

Berry is back in Regina, and is apparently reporting for duty some time next week!

...this response brought to you by the letters W T and F...

yup, he was having supper with some of the brass, and was at the office for a couple hours. They seemed to be celebrating at supper.

Probably invited by Taman to celebrate his first fireing (because of poor hire to begin with) that hasn't cost him more than 2 years salary.

tanam wasnt around. it was all brass and berry, and they toasted to the new face of the riders


That sounds about right to me, unless I just woke up on another planet

word around the water cooler is that Berry will be 'leading the team onto the field' and apparently be spending the game on the sidelines.

I heard he had loaded up his wife and 2 dogs and skidaddled out of Regina down to Florida lickety split.

Oh, that water cooler talk. Someone in a frisky mood. If this actually happens, I sure hope that Coach Miller and Durant won't feel too uneasy with him on the sidelines. On the other hand, maybe he is coming back as a consultant just as some retired people often do. (Sarcasm totally off)

God...could you imagine!!! It would be like the friend that you have that just broke up with his girlfriend...then you tell him you hated that B#@ch anyways only to have them get back together the next week! Awwwwkwarrrrd! lol

No no....its all true!!!!!!!!!

Berry is back in the CFL....

Back with his beloved Riders

Berry is....the new Gainer mascot at games!!!

if this is at all true, what the hell are they thinking??

read my last post

Even as Gainer, he'd still find a way to screw up the offense!

I can just see him on the sidelines, with his "De-Fence" signs as Durant is behind center at the 35 yd line! :smiley:

I'd suggest that Taman crawl into the Gainer suit, but I don't think he'd fit. :twisted: :twisted: (Apologies in advance to any who take offense at that last!)

yeah, he would probably jump on the field and tell a receiver to run a different route, and trip him just before he caught it.

Why Berry? I didn't think Marshall shouldn't have even been fired? Berry was the one who should have been! And now were taking him back?


read the whole thing

Please never joke about Berry. As you can see from the posts we are still not over the last year and a half. :frowning:
Its a fight or flight reaction :wink:

Good one. :lol:

It was probably fair well dinner / exit interview. Never hurts to get feedback on how you can improve.