Berry and Taffe exchange

Have either guys commented on what was said when they went to shake hands at the end of the game? Charlie looked extremely ticked off at Berry.

Anything on the Ticat or Bombers post game shows about it?

Taffe said "Great now Dust is gonna whine about that"

It’s simple, if you think im whining don’t respond.

And don’t worry, I’ll save some cheese for the Labour day game just for you.

taafe is a little edit he looked like he was going to slap berry :lol:

Love the insight from Bomber fans so far... did they talk about it all on the post game show?

Nothing in the post game show about it. In fact TSN didn't even show it. I do think that Taaffe was a pretty big baby about the whole incident. If anything it was a show of respect by Berry. He knows that every point could count at the end of the season. Instead of recognizing this though, Taaffe came off as a sore loser. He wants his team to be more disciplined? He should practice what he preaches.

I can't understand what Berry did at the end of the game.

It's fine to go for a final FG, but why not center the ball first?
If that was the plan he should have had a handoff to charlie towards the center of the field, try and get 2-5 yards so Westwood was in FG range.

But it's a FG, and it's not like the game was a wash, if the game was done then Taffe should have gone with a Punt instead of a gamble late in the game.

I dont have any problems with scoring as many problems as possible but Berry and his gang dont like it when it happens to them!

Remember this?

an eye for an eye

Well the photo is against MTL.
An eye for a eye has always been the cry of the wossie baby

I have to admit Dust you are a bit whiney on this issue.

Do not take away that the bombers had some success's tonight. Who really cares what is said between the two coaches the only thing that matters is the score board. :roll:

Proof that one should think before one speaks.

I believe marshall is signalling a play in to his defense.

Yes I believe the view here is that they wanted to give a crack at a long field goal given what he has been through of late and his long kickoff earlier in the game. It , in my view was not a smart move although not intented to be a slight to the ticats at all. However with an 0-5 team that is obviously frustrated with their record and with an improving offense. coupled with back to back games this will only fuel the cats fire for next game. Berry is a good coach who screwed up here I believe. A possible 3 points in the for and against is hardly worth firing up an 0-5 team whom you have to play next week

that picture just shows you that the cfl acts bush league.
Coaches, players are supposed to be professional. Kids look up to these so called people as idols and in result they see this crap. Thursday night in Toronto, Allouettes coach Jim Popp was in anger because of a blown call. 31,000 people saw on the jumbo tron Jim screaming and swearing his head off acting like a baby and an amateur at best. The CFL should step up and discipline people like this.

of course that only happens in the CFL :roll: [url=] ... ed&search=[/url]

On a somewhat different tangent, but it makes a point and it's funny:

Well maybe Taafe shouldn't be shooting his mouth off before games, saying how his team was going to win this one. I also agree with that the TiCats are the most undisiciplined team I have seen all year, they are full value for all the penalties they take and are lucky they don't get flagged for more, I counted at least 4 face masks that were not called as well as a couple illegal contacts on receivers and holding/tackles by their oline. Taafe is trying to get these guys to play on the edge but them so wound up they are undisciplined. Poor coaching by Taafe and his staff. :thdn:

Is Taffe the only coach to say he is going to win? I dont think so!

I asked a simple question and got two stupid replies, how is that whiny? I never asked why they kicked the field goal late, I asked if either post game show explained what was said between the coaches.