Berry and Greg Marshall should be fined!

I am disgusted at what I saw tonight. On CBC, live on the air; Berry and Greg Marshall showed the finger! This is awful. I have never seen a coach in pro football do such a thing. Especially on TV!!! I understand the frustration, but they crossed the line big time! Let's see if the CFL has balls and will fine them a good chunk of change. There are limits after all! I am a very liberal person, and I was offended by the fingers! No class...

if they get fined the refs beter get fired. btw this happens alot in professional sports

Oh god I hate Liberals!

PLEASEEEEEE, spare me.

ps, it's a finger, ohhhhhh thats so offensive. the theroy behind the middle finger is stupid, really, think about it

you should have seen the chick flashing them in section X, she should have been fined too.....

I understand their frustration. I was shocked at how bad this game was officiated, and the calls they got backwards. I dont blame them for their gesture one bit, it may be unprofessional, but the refs deserved every bit of it.

I tell you it was an absolute zoo......I got the heck out of there with my kid because it had the potential to turn into a riot.....I was really worried for a small a group of Als fans sitting behind us, I hope they got out of there okay.....

did he do the finger? at that angle, you can even tell.

and I agree, the refs for the most part cost us that game, if the coaches get fined, then in refs should be fried and never ref a CFL game again, cuz they deserve all the hate in the world right now, **** on their lawns, everything short of killing them.

anybody know the address of any refs and where the nearest home depot from them is? i happen to need to buy some manure

Indydan, are you sure about that? Because my grlfriend and I also jumped when we saw Berry and Marshall with a finger in the air, but we re-watched it and it was the index. Not the middle-finger. So it seems it was a signal they sent to their guys. I don't think it was what you think.

fire tonights reffing crew , now that would be justise.

i laughed when i saw it, it lightened up the game at the end, but the angle did make it hard to tell which finger was used, you could be right thrid

there are in the big house on ****head steert, right next to the Cafe Bad Refs, and across from Idiot HWY. :lol:

Liberals aren't to blame, thank god I'm a NDP member.

Your a joke if you think the finger wasn't warranted...I cant believe your offended by a middle finger, you obviously havn't been exposed much to a thing called "life".

upset that it's too late to retract this overreaction of yours? :lol:

Coach Berry lost his cool and so did the
entire team. Were there some bad calls,
probably. Did it cost you the game, i doubt it.

You guys better show more disciple then that if youre going to be successful.

Very interesting, I thought I saw it that way too,but its hard to tell, even Walby got fooled on that one, if it was the index finger.

Nice "out west" attitude I am seeing from you guys. I guess if your wife raises her voice at you, you feel it is warranted to hit her.

The refs sucked, I admit it. My point is that it does not allow coaches to do whatever they want. Let me ask you this; since the refs were so bad, would it have been warranted if Berry spit in his face.

My other point was that, EVERYONE saw the finger, not just the ref.

Who cares? I remember learning every bad word and gesture in the dictionary back in elementry school. Why are you making a big deal out fo something so ridiculous.

Bad analogy, Indydan.....comparing giving the finger to beatings? Lovely and charming.....