Bernie Custis Secondary Highschool

Yay!! The School Board did the right thing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bernie Custis, all class, now has a Hamilton school named after him
Board OKs name after contentious debate

The Hamilton public school board voted to name the new high school being built right across from Tim Hortons Field after the man some call football’s Jackie Robinson. Not only was Custis the first black quarterback in pro football with the Ticats, a Grey Cup champion, a Canadian Football Hall of Famer, McMaster Hall of Famer and a Hamilton Sports Hall of Famer, but he was also a winning coach and an educator for over 30 years.

As a young man he came to this city, let it love him and then stuck around to the end of his days loving it back. This moment was a celebratory exclamation point on that beautiful relationship.

Great news .

Amazing. Glad they made the right decision.

Imagine that – a school board voting in line with its students and tax payers.
I’m surprised and delighted. And, I think Scott Radley’s writing, on the decision, is outstanding.

“Next September when TSN’s cameras beam the Labour Day game across the country, they should be able to catch a beautiful shot of BERNIE CUSTIS SECONDARY in the background.”

Bernie Custis Secondary across the street from the THF/IWS grounds couldn’t be more fitting. :slight_smile:

Bernie Custis ,great name for the new Highschool

{ Ol Scott Park School,went there for Summer School French }…

Congrats to the Custis Family , a great honour!

A proper place for this.
From last year after he passed away

Do yourself a favour and read this.

Thanks for the link, Grover. I didn’t see that Simmons’ column last year. It should be enlarged, printed, framed, and hung, prominently, inside the front door of BCSH.

We dont always do the right thing in this City… but we definitely did the right thing this time…and the city evolves…wonderful!

Great news, couldn’t think of a better person to name a high school after in Hamilton and that area across from THF!

Great recognition to a person who gave so much to the Ti-Cats, the CFL, football n general, sports, life and the community!

Unbelievable story !..(Thanks Grover!)

I guess we get some things right up here in Canada . Bernie Custis was an exceptional person who clearly deserves this honour . It took a while for the school board to get it right but they did.

Meanwhile in Texas, a school superintendent on social media stated that Deshaun Watson, QB for the Texans lost a recent game because Black quarterbacks, historically, are not capable as leaders.

2 school systems and two totally different cultures produce 2 different outcomes. We Canadians aren’t perfect when it comes to many race issues but Damn ! Hamilton got this one right !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Two thumbs up for this (above) and thanks to Grover for the link.

I congratulate the School Board for their right decision that took almost a year to come to fruition,


It gives me pause to wonder ??? exactly what these super educated people are actually thinking
that are in charge of the education of our youth,
I’m not sure if common sense is part of their curriculum. :o

Pretty simple actually.
Decision makers didnt know who Custis was.
Vast majority in Canada dont, even sports fans.
Didnt see the value in naming a school after a football player.
They were then informed Custis’s impact was beyond football.
Burocracy takes time, infighting, agendas etc.
Finally a decision.

Get ready for some football…black and gold clad Custis Trailblazers vs. your favourite school…coming to a field near you!

Finally, council gets something right.

Good pick!

Next up, a name for the schools athletic teams. What would Bernie like? Perhaps, “Blazers”?

BTW, does anyone know the naming selection process for schools? Are student athletes involved?