Berman MNF segment on Grey Cup

Berman did his usual MNF Grey Cup highlight package mentioning Henry Burris in detail. As well mentioning Calvillo and Marcus Allen's younger brother Damon.

There is a great picture shown with some of the MNF crew including Jon Gruden and Randy Moss watching the Grey Cup.

Fantastic segment on the NFL Half-time show featuring Green Bay vs. Carson Wentz and the Eagles.

Approx. 35 sec. hi-lite pkg. - Boomer Berman also said its prolly Henry Burris's last game!

Who's to know!

Big-time segment by the CFL's best friend down south - only Joe Thiessman is close!

Hope the Boomer was better than this butchered Grey Cup recap from ESPN.

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ESPN did a unreal job covering. Mike and Mike in the morning to Wilborn. It was a terrific day for the CFL down south.

Lol, that was pretty terrible. That guy's flow was all off. Berman did a great job, like he usually does when he covers the CFL.

Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon had a quick shout out to Burris and the Cup near the end of their "Pardon the Interruption" show on Monday as well.