Benevides fired by Wally Buono. Wallyball to return?

:cowboy: Is the return of Wally on the bench as Head Coach immeninent???

WallyBall again on the WetCoast. And, WET it will be for the GREY CUP. 8) :roll: :rockin: :cowboy: :frowning:

Wally for Coach or who??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

After three years in the GM office only, at 65 guiding in to next season and having the ideal exit of winning the Grey Cup in his last game on the sidelines ... I doubt it.

Dan Hawkins is probably looking for work.

Scott Milanovich - Benevides heads east to Toronto.


Who is the leading contender to be Head Coach of the B.C. Pussycats

  1. Wally Buono
  2. LaPolice
  3. Dave Dickenson
  4. Milanovich
  5. Joe Kapp

Personally I don't think there is much chance with the CFL offense and defense so different but another individual wants me to ask what is the chance of an NCAA or NFL coach coming to the CFL?

Most that have come up to take HC jobs haven’t had much success if they haven’t been previously exposed to the CFL. See Bart Andrus Bart and Dan Hawkins as most recent examples. Marc Trestman was the exception. Even as co-ordinators there’s been more failure than success, guys like Gary Crowton and Mike Miller struggled as offensive co-ordinators. Given how much NFL and NCAA coaches, you won’t find one coming up to take a CFL job unless it’s as a positional coach just because of the salary differences.

I don’t think Buono takes over as HC unless it’s out of desperation and he can’t get the guy he wants. LaPo turned them down last year as a co-ordinator, have to think he’s probably the front runner for the job. Dickenson may be the guy Buono and/or Lions fans may prefer, but it comes back to the same problem in that will he want to leave Calgary. He’s waited this long so he may wait on Huffer to relinquish the job another year or two if need be.

Milanovich is an interesting thought though, if the decides to walk away from the Argos. Imagine all the new Braley bashing if Milanovich and Benevides switch jobs. I can’t see Benavides working too well with Burke though.

My guess is that Buono is going to do everything he possibly can to get Dickenson interested in the Lions head coaching position. Dickenson is ready. He says he's ready. He interviewed with SSK and Hamilton back in 2011. After nothing came of it he remained committed to Calgary until the end of 2013. That might explain why Benevides got the job in 2012 and not Dickenson.

  • Dickenson feels he is ready to assume a head coaching position. He has already applied in the past few years.
  • A position is open with the Lions, a team Dickenson has fond memories of playing QB for.

Dickenson likes living in Calgary. He has also stated on record that money and prestige are not important him as they are for other people. He is very comfortable being on the Stampeders staff but I think if the right offer were made he would jump all over it. Who wouldn't?

I remember several years after the old sci-fi TV series Star Trek was cancelled, a number of years later Leonard Nimoy was interviewed and asked if he would ever be involved in a full length Star Trek movie. He actually chuckled at the question and he did not have to think about his answer. He was financially comfortable. He told the interviewer that to get him to even consider being in a Star Trek motion picture the script would have to be exceptional. Guess what? He starred in no less than 6 Star Trek motion pictures and appeared in subsequent ones as well!

Just what would it take to woo Dickenson from the Stamps and from Calgary and work for the Lions organization?

I figure it would take [and not necessarily] in this order:

  1. The right salary
  2. An awesome coaching staff
  3. A team roster that Dickenson with some patience believes could get the job done
  4. An opportunity to take a team to a Grey Cup championship victory his way.

Dickenson says he is not interested in prestige or money. That does not mean he would not accept both graciously. Dave Dickenson is a competitor in every sense of the word. He is also a highly successful competitor. He already has 2 Grey Cup rings. A 3rd may not be that far off. What would be left after that? And even if he doesn't get that 3rd ring he may just get a "ring" from Wally Buono asking, " Dave, how would you like to by my head coach?"

Thanks for the info, we appreciate your helping us better understand more and more about the CFL.

Cortez, who Wally is fairly high on and tried luring over in the past

How about some one from the Chris Jones mold, like a Noel Thorpe whose D has been near the top every year.

With the Grey Cup in BC for the 2nd time in 4 years, Years in which Grey Cup profits have skyrocketed. It may be the perfect time for Braley to sell the Lions. Speculation has been the Canucks have been very interested. I think that would be a great fit. Canucks have really made no secret that they want to add to their brand.
They tried their AHL team in BC but was too far.
Buuno stays on as GM for sure. Dickenson has got to be the choice but if this should be Calgary's year Huff could move upstairs and Dickenson's wait is over.
Milonovich in BC possible but he will need his QB to run that offense. cant count on Lulay. I wonder if Beck played much of the west coast concepts in the NFL? Harris is the perfect back for the west coast O. Could want to brin Trevor Harris with him.
Who else? Well if Montreal does not sort out their coaching staff and their pay scales. Shonert could come as HC and Garcia as OC and QB coach too boot.

BC should have their Oline in order next season provided all are healthy. Norman is in at Center, a healthy Fabian i his 3rd season and both rookies Player and Steward. A healthy Ramsey is who they have been waiting for with fellow Import bookend OT Olifoye.

Add to that Wally has always pushed for Canadians to take up these positions, Benevides is a Canadian. My guess is if does not take it as interim HC, his candidates will be Lapolice, Cortez (2 he spoke of highly) or Washington. If he takes the position as interim HC it would tell me that he's holding out for Trestman. I can't see Wally taking a chance on someone he does not know.

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Washington? Do you mean his DCord? If that's the Washington you're thinking of I would be shocked. Sure he's been in BC for a while now but even elevated to DC this year word is he worked with Benevides quite a bit on that D. I'm not sure he's ready to take the next step. I think Buono tries to go offensive mind with his next HC and work to keep Washington as the DC.

Another thought on Lapo in BC. I know Buono liked him for the OC job before Lapo walked away and they hired Khari Jones. And he defended Lapo after his firing here in Winnipeg by suggesting Mack should've been the one fired (and he was right of course). I'm just not so sure Lapo is a good fit for what they need in BC right now. IMO there is a large question mark at QB right now. Can Lulay come back and can his shoulder withstand the physicality of the game and keep him from missing long pieces of the season? Is Glenn getting a chance to redeem himself after a subpar season in BC? Beck is the #3 guy on that list and he's an older QB that struggled in his first season when he got reps. Then you have young guys like Partridge and Rogers, and anyone else brought in that will need to be developed. If there's one thing Lapo had shown in his time here is that he's not very capable of developing a QB behind his starter. Maybe he's learned his lesson, but it would be quite a risk IMO. For what they need, Dickenson and Cortez seem to be the best fits. Trestman I think they'd want just because of his track record in the CFL but I don't think he'd be a good fit either. He did it with AC but left a mess at the QB position when he left and AC retired. Lapo may end up getting the job because those other 3 guys may not take it and, as an added plus for Buono, Lapo's already shown he'll bend to the GMs meddling.

More deserving of being fired are 3 other coaches of teams that failed to qualify for playoffs. With same 9-9 records, BC did as well as Hamilton and Montreal despite missing Lulay for 17 games. Without Collaros and Crompton, Hamilton and Montreal would probably do worse than BC. Unlike Benevides, Higgins and Austin could retain their jobs in weaker division.

Buono has such high expectations. Changing offensive and defensive coordinators haven't hurt or improve BC much when comparing 2013 and 2014 seasons. In previous decade, no other teams have won as many grey cups as BC and 3 other teams. Ideally, every team should win one grey cup every 10 years but some fail to do that.