There have been a lot of rumors going around that along with Travis Moore, David Benefield will not be back. I personally still think the guy can still play because he is so smart, but if the Rider managment doesn't feel this way they have to find a way to keep him here. With all of these rumors he is still doing articles on the Riders web page, he is always doing interviews. Why not do what the Eagles did with Hugh Douglas and make him a spokesperson for the team, or an assistant coach, or even the head coach because I don't think he can do worse than Barret.
All I know is that this guy is a class A citizen and that is the kind of guy you need to stick around. So Mr. Benefield I give you an A (read his column to know what I'm talking about).

Benefield is a first class guy. He was like that when he played with BC.

He is smart, great contain guy for the outside, can also apply pressure...
We lost some brains.. when he left the Bombers...
Still room in the CFL for Benefield...even if he was used for depth..

Good point Hank.....If I was a GM of any of the other 8 teams I'd sign Daved in a heartbeat as a backup.

Hello Wally...You listening...we haven't replaced Simpson yet!

Keep them both,axe Shivers and bring in Roger Aldag or asnother former Rider as GM

here's how it works. whatever money Shiv and DB save under the cap, they get to keep for themselves! what do you think the riders will be like on the field this final year of the Shiv/DB era?

Hey sparky, that makes no sense at all. Why would the board of directors elect to bring there costs back up to the level of the cap just to give it to the coaches. If you are commiting to spending the money anyway, why not to players that will help. It may be the last year for Shiv & DB but the directors are going to have to answer the fans & owners at the annual meeting. As well that would be the death nell for Barrett to coach or manage ANYWHERE ever again in college or the pros. That legacy would follow him forever " as a man who sold his team". THINK ABOUT IT.....

hey Narles, i agree it doesnt make much sence but this is what i heard from an active player. im not syaing they are going to keep 1/3 of the payroll cash but if there's a bit left over they get it. As for the directors, they obviously are prepared for a crap season or they'd have fired Shiv at the end of last season. It's not like they've never had to answer to the fans and owners before with a crap ending to a season. Also, you mentioned that they elected to bring costs up to the level of the cap. Didn't Sask go over the cap like everyone else did last year?