Benefield & Davis Fined by CFL

I read in the Star Phoenix (Saskatoon’s newspaper) the other day that both David Benefield and Nate Davis are being fined by the CFL because of verbally voicing their opinons on the poor officiating in the last few minutes of the Sask/Argo game last Saturday. It will likely be a 3 digit fine. 3 digits!? What is the point in even fining a player a couple hundred bucks? I personally think it’s ridiculous for the league to fine them they weren’t even being harsh towards the official, they were just stating the truth: That roughing the passer was a BS call. Your thoughts?


well it was iffy but i guess they are really tryin to protect QBs now a days i guess they think they are pretty boys that cant take hits

There were 3 total pathetic “roughing the passer” calls against the Riders. 2 against Hamilton and 1 against Toronto. It’s funny how they both happened near the end of the game and by the same official.

The fine is deserved sort of. They did bad mouth the officials. Now although the call did deserve to be argued, it should have been done in private. Everyone knows it was a “tough” call and they didn’t need to say it to the media. The officials in the CFL are much like President George Bush. They can screw up all they want, be absolutely terrible at there job, but if you publicly scorn them you will be punished. End of Story.

As far as officiating in that entire game though, I thought it wasn’t that bad. Had that call not apparently cost us the game I would have thought it was a well called game. One thing to keep in mind about that call "costing " us the game… it was only second and 16, not 3rd and 16. TO had successfully converted on 3rd and long two other times in the game and could very well have done it again… Although he sucked the bucket for 55 minutes, Allen seemed to be on fire the last 5. That call made it easier for them to win, but ultimately our defence lost the game for us. Just my take. Hate to say it was the Riders fault when it is so easy to pawn it off on the refs, but I am trying really hard to be more objective this year. Not sure how long it will last though.:slight_smile:

Go Riders!!