Benches at BC Place

So I'm told from a friend of mine who moved his seasons tickets to the other side of the stadium when he learned that the Lions bench will be moved this year, that both clubs will bench on the same side of the field.

The reasoning that he was told that this was done was because both teams come out of the dressing rooms from the west endzone tunnel and their paths to the benches cross each other in that tunnel (the Lions from the north dressing room to south sideline and the visitors from south dressing room to north sideline) and due to covid they don't want the teams to cross paths coming out of the dressing rooms.

How preposterous.

First, if you don't want them to cross, just switch both bench sides completely so that the north stays north and the south stays south.

Second, now that both teams bench the same sideline, instead of crossing each other in the tunnel for 10 seconds, they will WALK TOGETHER FOR A WHOLE MINUTE to the sideline!

Third, after traversing that dangerous 60 seconds from dressing room to sideline, the two teams are going to JUMP SWEAT AND SPIT ON EACH OTHER for three freaking hours!

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I'll have to see how it would look on the broadcast tonight. The ticketmaster map still shows them on opposite sides. IIRC the cameras pointed to the Lions bench prior so if they're moved away from the camera that opens up that side of the field to put more adds. What I think is the real reason why they're being moved.

All Ontario teams and I believe Montreal too have both benches on the same side. In BMO the camera points away from the benches to the unobstructed other side where the add ribbons are by the sidelines.

The Lions office TOLD my friend that the reason was due to covid. When he renewed his tickets, they advised him that if he wanted to continue to sit behind the bench he would have to move. He asked why the bench was moved, they told him, because of covid and the players coming out of the tunnel.

Oh I don't doubt that's what he was told. If they're going to be on the same sideline, why not move the visitor bench to the Lions side? They're going to be closer for longer anyways.

I'm just thinking of the optics (bad ones) at BMO where the camera points away from the side where more fans sit. Unless the camera direction will change as well? We'll see tonight.

The “COVID” excuse is a perfect explanation for everything.

Cost of groceries increasing? Because COVID.

Late for work? Because COVID.

Can’t afford your mortgage? Because COVID.

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Don't cross paths...

You can grab ...hold onto ..tackle...block..sweat and breathe on each other and shout and all of that but whatever you do DO NOT CROSS PATHS

Hahaha. Sounds a little silly

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Yup, just like when the girl at Tim's grabs my coffee and puts it in the same tray she just used for the last customer and then shoves the tray out the window.

Even if you explained it, it would still make no sense.....

At the game now.

Benches are on both sides as of yet.

25 mins to kickoff.

Just a little off topic... IMHO BC Place is one of the nicest 'old stadiums' on the continent.

I actually agree. For a hunk of concrete it actual does have a bit of character, and for a bowl of that size, the sightlines are terrific. It's not a bad park at all. Acoustics are poor though.

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Game about to start.

Benches are on both sides of the field.


Are they both on what was the visitor side last year?

I always thought the lower bowl was too flat. Seats at the top are miles from the field.

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For concert purposes right? We kinda messed ourselves up when it comes to concerts in Winnipeg. No one checked the new stadium plans to see if there was access to the field for large delivery vehicles. Big events (such as concerts) were logistically challenged as a result. I don't know if fixed that problem or not. We also neglected to check to see if our stadium was up to code (it wasn't). We had to replace ALL of the single paned glass and re-pour much of the concrete at great expense. I think even the insulation was missing. Still... it's a nice place to see a football game. I shouldn't whine. Saskatchewan learned from our bumbling and took their time building a nice place of their own.


No. They were on opposite sides.

This year, the Lions moved to the other side of the field.

That at least makes way more sense than both on one side. They must have thought it over and changed it.


I feel that too many of the folks making such COVID policies that are ridiculous and ineffective, and who are not medical professionals mind you, and too many of the folks making certain decisions on so-called green technology that in the end has more financial and social costs at marginal benefit if at all, are the same people. To hell with them too.

Well then did they scrap this asinine plan? And preferably fire the person who authorized it as well?

I don't think that was ever the plan

If doing it on one side of the field, at least put a few kegs in the middle between each team so that it resembles even more how it was in those old rugby days you know. :beers:

I once asked a English referee about these rumours of yore before our match started, and indeed he confirmed that it was the norm back to about the 1970s at most rugby matches to have beer available to players during the games.

And of course we all know there is plenty flowing afterwards.