Bench Vernon Adams!

I don't buy for a second that receivers are hesitant because of Adams's supposed inaccuracy. If they are, they shouldn't be pro receivers. Adams had a great 2019 year, he's had good games this season. Did they suddenly become less hesitant in the good times?

Lewis, on his own, has dropped a baffling number of balls this year. Stanback not far behind. That is not on Adams. That's on the receivers. And I would be looking pretty hard at what Robert Gordon, as receivers coach, is doing with the unit as well.


He sounds like a great backup to me on that basis too, but hey I'm only a visitor here. That @Johnny_Ticat_slayer and others might have some more of those good takes.

And I read with some enjoyment your others scorching takes during the game in Toronto. And I have been very patient so as to allow perhaps Mr. Adams to make due corrections.

From reading also this thread, I feel like an analogy might help but for those under a certain age, I am afraid this is a dated reference but then again you probably will learn something cool and new anyway.

If Vernon Adams is the Pee Wee Herman of quarterbacks, I think you all are like the bikers in this scene.

It seems to me Adams, much like Herman, was briefly looked upon with great suspicion before some heroic moments only to commit several of the most grievous football sins.

As the bikers inquire, what should happen to him before you :skull_and_crossbones: ?

Or like in this scene, can he ever emerge the unlikely hero?

I will happily return to my seat and await all replies.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and attention to this important matter.

Best Regards,

Yes but a couple weeks back in Ottawa 51-29 ... "it was the worst wreck I ever seen ..."


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The AL's have been searching for a real QB since AC retired. Unfortunately, there was never any recruitment done in this area for many seasons plus the previous regime gave all of the prospects away to other teams with nothing inn return. Furthermore, VA fell into a terrific opportunity under coach Jones & with no real season QB experience a lot of was expected. Un fortunately, the AL's are in a situation were a lot needs to be fixed 1- is VA the QB for this team, if not seriously recruit one 2- urgent need for a stud backer 3- Identify the type of team
I don't see them making the playoffs plus the GM has a lot of work to do resetting this team. The offensive talent is there but inconsistent QB play is not helping.

Le probl√®me #1 est le DG, qui n'est pas du calibre de la ligue. Ce qu'il a fait n'a pas am√©lior√© l'√©quipe, et c'est ce qu'on voit pr√©sentement. Le seul chapitre o√Ļ les Alouettes ont r√©ellement progress√©, c'est la ligne offensive, parce qu'il y a un excellent groupe de joueurs qui ont d√©j√† pass√© une saison ensemble, √† l'exception de Gagnon qui n'y √©tait pas en 2019. Je pense que le travail de Luc Brodeur-Jourdain y est pour beaucoup. Bolduc fait du bon travail avec les demis, mais c'√©tait d√©j√† le cas, donc on ne parle pas de progression. On peut penser que √ßa a √©t√© le cas √† la ligne d√©fensive, mais les deux derni√®res parties ont montr√© que ce n'est pas encore prouv√©. Du reste, il n'y a pas de progression.

Curieusement, les journaleux qui plaidaient que les Alouettes devaient engager ce DG ou c'était la descente aux enfers sont soudainement devenus muets...


C'est éxacte. Pas grand chose l'équippe peut faire avec Maciocia comme DG.

Si on regarde "le film" du parcours de Greg Quick.

1er Février: Ambrosie est soumis par les gouverneurs de faire des coupures aux dépenses de la LCF. Il est pris avec le contrat de Quick qu'il a lui meme engager et qui oeuvre outre-mer sur son initiative 2.0

10 Février: L'imposteur retourne l'ascenseur a Ambrosie et engage Quick pour le remercier de l'avoir "inclus" dans toute transaction de la vente des Alouettes.

26 Septembre: Ca commence a discuter dans les médias que la ligne defensive de Maciocia est inneficace. L'imposteur congédie l'entraineur de la ligne défensive qui est le doyen du groupe d'entraineur derrière Bolduc et respecter a travers la ligue, et insère la "plante" d'Ambrosi a sa place.

Qu'on vienne me parler "D'alignement" Le fameux one-liner de l'imposteur... Il y a pas un move la dedans qui porte la "signature" de Khari Jones.

Ca sent pas bon pour le dénouement de la saison des Alouettes.


Well hello everybody! As I am a visitor, I will await patiently more of those informed yet measured and restrained takes on this matter of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pu capable d’Adams. Pourquoi avoir enlevé Shiltz? Il n’allait pas si mal. Donnez-lui la chance. J’suis vraiment à boutte.

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The Als were lucky to win. Adams threw another 2 awful interceptions, and nearly threw 2 others. He is a fighter and never gives up, but is not a capable pro level QB.

He has strengths and weaknesses. He is more Burris than Calvillo, so what? He still leads the league in scores and if you prorate his 180 passing yard average per game, he's second in total yard production.

There are a lot of issues with this team. I can't understand why Jones would only give Stanback 12 carries??? Also, the number of passes attempted straight down the middle was ridiculous. This is the polar opposite of a Trestman offense. There is no smarts to this offense, run the bull and throw jump balls...

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I will say that although he wasn't perfect, Adams played with a whole lotta heart and guts yesterday. I really wish him well (except against Sask of course) because he seems like a good guy and he's fun to watch.


The kid took a pay cut so the team could pay his receivers and keep Washington, He did things in the off season on his dime, over time he will contain the urge to force the ball, just like Burris did, to some extent anyway. Yesterday for the first time since week two, three receivers contributed, Cunningham finally made a couple catches.

Bray on the other had was still awful, he led the defender back on the goal line interception, he needed to sell that fake inside and he didn't. They should really consider moving on from Bray. Of course it goes into the interception column but the ball was thrown where it needed to be and on time.

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The offensive schemes look pretty vanilla and unimaginative to me. I'm surprised because it's essentially the same group of people from 2019, so we should be further along than this. Where's the pre-snap motion, where are the stacked routes and picks/rubs?

I agree that it's time to move on from Bray. He's been a zero this year.

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I fully agree that the offense is pretty vanilla. It boggles the mind.

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Vrai, mais ont-ils le quart pour diriger ce genre d'attaque? Avec un passeur comme Ray, Calvillo, ou Burris dans ses saisons de gr√Ęce, c'est plus facile √† faire qu'avec un gars comme Adams, qui n'est ni le plus puissant, ni le plus pr√©cis. Mais il est vrai que les jeux pour utiliser le court terrain et la zone interm√©diaire ne semblent vraiment pas fonctionner pr√©sentement. C'est difficile.

Vernon Adams has been 6 gamed. Unless he comes off the 6 game injured list early, his season is over.
We will finally get a long look at what Shiltz can do. I don't expect great things from Shiltz, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Bien disons que c'est la dernière chance pour Shiltz de montrer ce qu'il a appris depuis 2017. En principe, il va avoir quelques départs pour s'illustrer ou pour se pendre. Espérons qu'il pourra faire fonctionner cette attaque avec régularité et éviter les revirements ou les pannes offensives.

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Shiltz starting is not an ideal situation but if Hamilton can win 2 games with 130 yards passing from Watford, then the Alouettes can win some games with Shiltz. Remember, Montreal has twice the run game power as the Cats. That's a big help for an inexperienced QB.