Bench Vernon Adams!

Adams is getting no help from his receivers on many throws but in fairness they rescue him on others.

I have to wonder if part of the issue with the drops/misses is not only Adams' not infrequent pass placement issues (low/high/behind) but also the receivers' lack of confidence about where the ball will be ... it must impact their focus when the turn for the ball.


There are 24 players on the field at any given time (ok sometimes in Regina there are 25) but all of them are prime athletes. They can all catch a ball. Some passes are a little out of reach or a half step behind. These are the ones that RECEIVERS are paid to catch. These are the ones that receivers extend themselves, twist themselves, get down on the ground for, adjust and concentrate to catch.

You don't ask Chris Schleuger to high point a jump ball and drag a toe. You DO ask Quan Bray to.

If Almondo Sewell is wide open on a drag at the goal line and the ball hits him on the ass cheek that could be difficult for him, but for Eugene Lewis, he's paid to catch that and he knows it. That's not Adams' fault at all.

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Ups and dows to a .500 season.

Pulling Schleuger was another mistake.

Also, pretty obvious by now that Maciocia strategy has weakened the Canadian content of this team. Not one of the Canadians he's drafted or signed as a FA have made any contribution with the exception of Coté the kicker and Gagnon at Left guard.

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Dressing both Chris Schleuger and Tony Washington was a ridiculous decision and just a plain waste of a roster spot.

I hope someone has the energy or cares enough to fact check this.

Dressing both Chris Schleuger and Tony Washington may not have been the best decision, but it is difficult to be critical since we don't know the injury to Tony Washington. The Alouettes probably did not want to take a chance; furthermore, since 2 G players were dressed they had to sit a N player and offensive lineman David Foucault was the one chosen, leaving 1 less dressed offensive linemen.

If only 1 of Schleuger and Washington had been dressed, which A player would have been added? Not too many options, with Wakefield injured. A DL Anthony Luke could have been an option, but I doubt that it would have improved the play of both Adams and Lewis.


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Don't follow Hfx around with this. This is football, not life and death. If you were to fact-check all the claims made on this site ... well, you'd have no time to do anything else!

You think a poster can make a claim like this and not be verified.? Really? This from an unbiased moderator?
So are you saying I must stop asking for verification of claims ?

gently This is a football site. We're none of us perfect. Sometimes we make claims that are not, in point of fact, correct. Sometimes those claims are really off-base. It's OK. It actually makes for great discussion, as long as people don't get mean-spirited and petty about it. If you want to fact-check Hfx's claims, go for it. Calling on others to do it is borderline trolling. And that's the last thing I'll say to you about it.


So you are refusing to discuss this then?

Exact! Sa "stratégie" se vend bien médiatiquement, mais pour faire une équipe gagnante, la politique et l'appui des journaleux ne suffisent pas.

Pour l'instant, il en a encore beaucoup à prouver pour se faire enlever le titre d'imposteur.

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What's to discuss? Fact-check Hfx if you want. That's perfectly fine. But don't follow him or anyone else around inviting others to jump on them for every claim they make. This is a sports site. We're all fans here. Nobody is obliged to provide evidence to support every football claim.

I will still suggest that if a receiver has confidence that the throw will be near where it should be they will catch more balls than if they expect to have to search for the ball most of the time ... but that is an opinion.

Also not certain what the other players on the field have to do with a discussion of why receivers may be having issues making catches ... BTW, was not suggesting location is the only reason for drops/misses ... obviously we haver to expect receivers to make some tough receptions ... but the fewer the challenging catches the better ... my point was that IMO Adams too often makes the job harder for the receivers.

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Somewhat off topic, but Schleuger WAS a TE at Iowa Western CC in Council Bluff, Iowa, for a year before moving to G/T. he probably COULD high point a jump ball.

You have to be more than a fan Grog. C'mon, we're friends, you can tell us. Do you happen to be his Dad?

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Actually I am a retired staff member from the high school he attended.
We (West Hancock HS of Britt, Iowa) are a traditional small school football power in North Central Iowa. Our last Class A FB title was in 2019 and are currently ranked #1 again. He is our only current pro athlete.

Well while he's kind of currently stuck behind Tony Washington, he should have a promising CFL career down the road.

And I'm sure you learned about the term "ratio", which in Canada is just as symbolic as the maple leaf, maple syrup, and the beaver.

GROG does understand the Ratio AND the need for it.
After all, it is a CANADIAN league.


It was a comparison example to make a point.

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