Bench Vernon Adams!

C'est bien ce que je crains, d'où l'importance que j'attache au fait que l'imposteur devrait s'affairer à le garder dans le giron de l'équipe et ne pas attendre au renouvellement de son contrat si Schleuger est disposé à discuter avant son terme. Je pense que les ennuis de santé de Washington ne fassent que commencer, hélas! Aussi, la solution de rechange doit être regardée maintenant : soit monter progressivement Rice comme bloqueur à gauche, soit attacher Schlueger, soit aller chercher dès maintenant un autre Schleuger qui pourrait être disponible avec les dernières coupures de la NFL ou ailleurs. C'est une position névralgique qui ne peut rester sans solution valable.

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The Als have at least 4 QBs on their negotiation list. I am not familiar with them. No big names for sure.


Sean Clifford is your kind of QB. Big, tough with big accurate arm.

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Un petit topo trouvé à son propos.

He did well last week, winning on the road against 15 ranked Wisconsin.

He did good. :partying_face: :boom:

BIG names rarely come north ... and when they do often they shouldn't have (e.g. Johnny Manziel).


3 quarters played so far against BC. Adams still showing he is not a pro level QB.


Bench Eugene Lewis! He is catching barely 1 out of 2 balls thrown to him. Just awful!

Now they don't for sure unless it's last chance for a romance dance .

They won't come up here for the money especially if they were paid and catered to in the NFL world first for an extended period .

The step down in comfort and pay is just too much for them unless they are capable of changing their mind set to being the best non NFL QB they possibly can be and make good money eventually .

The humble brain and competitive spirit part of the game has to join them when they travel up here .

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Adams interceptions have probably been the biggest reasons we have lost 3 games.

Hard not to see his lack of arm strength and poor decision making. Because of his arm we are playing with 11 men on offense. He can't make the throw to wide side receiver Julien-Grant who is therefore basically invisible.

He's a good leader, teammate, hard worker, etc., and will make the odd exciting play, but that in itself is not going to win you many games.

You can never feel confident going into an Als game because you just don't know how Adams will perform.

And today Lewis didn't help him with his drops.

I have to admit though I overreacted to Stanback's poor start. He has again shown the vision he did in his rookie year.


Yes, given Adams lack of arm strength, you wonder why they so often try the long balls; it rarely works.

As you write,Sheldon, I also am never confident with Adams when he throws the ball. I often expect that it will be intercepted.

If Mario Alford is injured, I would add WR Rashad Ross from CFL practice roster, but I presume that it will be Quan Bray.


It is true that Adams and Lewis didn't play well, Adams mechanics were brutal, even when he had a 10 yard cushion he would not step into his throws. Also, I didn't like the play calling for the passing game, they called the game to Adam's weaknesses.

But the main issue with this team is that the defense can't stop anybody. The worst defense against the pass in the league and instead of improving, they are getting worse every week.

Reilly 21/25 85%
Davis 23/33 70%
Evans 15/22 68%
Maier 16/29 55%
Harris 19/29 65%

The Als are not the worse pass defense in the league. They are 5th in both opposition completion percentage and yards given up per game.

The Alouettes did not lose yesterday because of the defence, but because of Adams and Lewis. Saskatchewan ranks 6th against the pass, yet there are 4-2. Why? Better QB and receivers who make the difficult catches.



I agree the offense did have a hand in the loss. Three times in the red zone and unable to score a TD.

I am not letting the D off the hook either. Lions first possession and marched the ball down field for a TD. Whitehead left wide open downfield.
Butler basically could have walked in his TD it was so wide open in the middle.

It unfortunately looks like it's going to be a long season...

Very exciting though. Didn't you think that, results aside, it was a good game? Remember first team to 8 will win the East.

Not really. Lack of execution and poor passes, dropped balls, etc. If they had played at a high level and lost, that would be another story.


I see your point. What was the best game you watched over the weekend?