Bench Vernon Adams!

Johnny has been saying it since 2016, VA is not a pro level QB!

Weak arm and bad decision making.

Time to see what Schiltz can do.

Sadly they have given him the ball in garbage time.

Hey Johnny! Is it time for a "Fire ..... (insert name here)" post yet? Ha! ha!

If the team keeps playing this way, yes!

I think KJ needs to upgrade the OC part of the game. It does not appear to be well thought through.
I think they have room for one more coach but perhaps not the budget. But if so I' d talk to George Cortez. I know he is 70 but he knows how to move the ball downfield patiently. Right now it strikes me that the offense is far too impatient. VA is not taking advantage of what the defense is giving him and scrambles and throws deep. Thats's not an offense.

And I may have missed it but has Standback always had cement hands?
VA is playing poorly, panicky as are the receivers. Cortez maybe a useful guy. If not him I think KJ needs some help in setting up a game plan.

Defense played well with 6 sacks and IMO Usher was fine. Two tackles and a sack.

Le problème est que nous n'avons aucun backup de qualité. Je suis quand même d'accord qu'Adams Jr est décevant. Il a souvent de mauvaises lectures de jeu.

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George Cortez was a horrible OC for Sask in '13-14.

Durant even hinted at it when he said that they 'made the system work in 13 because they were veterans' but when in 14 many of the vets left (Geroy retired, Dressler tried NFL, Getzlaf injured) it was very difficult. Any time that they faced a Chris Jones or Noel Thorpe heavy blitz defense they were screwed because Cortez flatly refused to do anything other than put all hands on pass protect. Al you had to do was +1 blitz. It was guaranteed to get Cortez to crack back hard and take targets away from his QB. It was terrible, embarrassing and played right into the defenses hands.

He was also a DREADFUL head coach.

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Durant threw EVERY OC he ever had under the bus. In the end he was under a bus himself and will never get a job in the CFL again. He was imo a terrible teammate with terrible ethics.
Cortez was, imo, a great OC in every place he's been. Countless QB had career years under him.

George Cortez popular among former pupils -

Link me.

Ughh , don't remind me . All Cortez did as a HC was take over a Ti-Cat team that the previous year upset the two time Grey Cup champion Alouettes in the play-offs and promptly turned them into a 4th place 6-12 team that missed the play-offs in 2012 . :-1: to George Cortez and his ever present sharpie . :pen:

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sorry i can't ...but it's clear he threw GC under the bus. i remember he did with Berry and his then HC Marshall under too. then he literally stole his signing bonus from Winnipeg. There is a reason why he left SASK under a cloud but I cant comment on that. Accept or not. it's ok. And nobody is promoting him to HC.

Out of respect to your team forum I won't engage you on this. If this were in the main forum that would be a VERY different story.

Anyway my point is I think KJ needs assistance in developing a patient offense. No need to get hung up on GC or Durant and his behavior,

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When teams are taking away the long ball, you move to West Coast offense. When they start jumping the underneath routes, you go deep again. It's not complicated. Khari has to step up here, along with Vernon and Stanback.


Agree D/P. There were several instances last night as well as the game against the Stamps where there was a receiver open in short yardage (5 yards +) and VA was looking downfield. Never even looked in the flats.


VA is a situational QB. Once Hamilton eliminated Stanback they forced VA to pass. Receivers where open but because of his inaccuracy & arm strength those weakness was amplified. Furthermore, there a glaring need for a stud MLB that can move. Hopefully once those weakness are addressed the team will be okay. Unfortunately, the league will now continue to take Stanback out of rhythm. DM & KJ have some soul searching to do.

VA rarely looked in the flats rather looking for the long ball. On several plays, he had a receiver open the the 5+ yard range.
He needs to take what the D is giving him rather than forcing or looking for the big play all the time.
If he does that, it will be much better. Should be anyway.

I will also add that a couple of his receivers have not done him any favours by dropping passes that should have been caught.


Vernon definitely has to bear his share of blame, but as tony notes, he isn't the only person to fault. I don't know what Robert Gordon is doing with our receivers but he needs to work on catching fundamentals with Bray, Stanback, and others.


Other than decision making, I would also be concerned that Vernon Adams passes have been inaccurate even on short throws.

One would have reasonably thought that since the Als have essentially the same personnel on offense as in 2019, the unit would have more cohesion. Yet when watching games, you get the impression that the Als had just traded for Adams, and this is his first start with a new team. This is because there are no easy passes completed and no precision timed throws that makes you think that they have practiced that route before.


Mat Shiltz.... LMAO

You are a winner Johnny!