Bench Maas

:roll: If Lancaster has any smarts, he'll bench Maas for the last two games and take a good look at Eakin and Williams.

In the meantime, he should be searching North America for another QB.
The Tiger-Cats will eventually get it right!!!

ENough of Jason(PEte)Maas. perhaps the offence should sit and watch Mac Play sunday afternoon, They might learn something.

Maas has proved tha he is not the QB that we thought that we traded for. It was so evident sat. we had players open all night he can not get the ball to them or most of the time can't see them.
I payed to watch this team all year hoping they could put it together.
It is over so now we need to see the other QB start.
If they ti-cats insult their fans by starting Maas after the crap we sat through sat.they do not deserve fan support in the last two games.I for one will not go if he is listed to start.
I am and will always be a ti-cat fan but Maas is maybe the best 2nd QB in the cfl but is not a starter 1 good year dosn't make you a starter.
WE got hosed on that trade big time.

I agree. With the play-offs out of sight, a new coach and offensive coordinator next year added to Maas's performance this year there is no reason to continue playing him. If he's injured, rest him. If his head isn't right, rest him. Let's see what the other two qb's can do for the remainder of this lost season. It's painful watching Maas playing anyone else but the Eskimos.

Time to sit him and lets see what our backups can do? That would be the Ticats best move

I todays Spec Lancaster said he will play the last two games.

saves me a lot of money