Bench Jekyll, hope Hyde will hide... LOL

I think the best strategy against Evil Incarnate on Thursday is to play Boltus at QB and rest all the guys with nicks this week. Given that the team will need to run the table on the road for the Grey Cup, it would be prudent to rest the big guns as much as possible before the playoffs start. We saw that playing the starters right through the final game did not help matters much in the EDSF last year, so another strategy with this lot might disorient the Mr. Hyde-Cats to miss at least one week in the playoffs. LOL

The main thing is see what Boltus has got in real game action and to keep Glenn intact until the semis. I am not optimistic right now that this team has the level of consistency needed to get one playoff game won, let alone get to the dance. A hot Kevin Glenn is the best shot we have, IMHO. Time will tell if he will get on a roll or not.

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ, are you saying Boltus should play all, or most of, the last game before the play offs?

He will only have 1 or 2 practices to brush up on, and get his execution down on our Offence

He hasn't run our Offence since June in training camp. As our scout team quarterback,

Jason has been running the offensive plays of our next opponent for 15 weeks.

If this team showed well against the Riders, I would agree with you. I think they need more playing time to get things in synch.

If Porter has a bad arm, then who do you go to should Glenn get injured or have a bad game? If the answer is Boltus, then he will need some playing time. A whole game, I dont think is a good idea for the reason I gave above.

I believe it would be a good idea to have Boltus play most of the game on Thursday. If Porter is out for any amount of time, then we are left with Glenn only. So it would be prudent to get Boltus some reps in meaningful action, IMHO. As for the "synching" issue, I do think playing Glenn part of the game is fine, but not getting Boltus some time in a two-QB scenario heading into the playoffs is just plain stupid!

I am sure Jason knows our offensive playbook and can run a reasonable amount of it in game action.

Oski Wee Wee,


I agree a 100% on this idea. That’s why I posted the thread " Boltus and Porter(rb) should play the next game"
I know I am a big fan of Boltus ,and there are alot of Porter fans out there, but I think it is time to give Boltus
a shot a QB and see if he has the stuff. :cowboy:

IMHO give Glenn the 1st Q and then turn it over to Boltus. Agreed that certain other starters should sit: AC, Stalla.