Bench Getzlaf

Subject says it all. Play McHenry and start someone else.

McHenry is starting, our only other option on offense would be Hargraves(sp). Or play another NI on D, which I don't think we can do with keeping the flexibility that CC likes.

Bench Getzlaf?

I know I won’t possibly hear anything remotely so ridiculous for a while now.

Getzlaf has been playing better the last few games than at any other point in the season.. what are you talking about!

I agree, Getzlaf has been playing good last few games!!

???? Bench who. Getz had a case of the dropsies at one point of the season but since then and before then he has played like a #2 CFL receiver he is he is on pace to have a second straight 1,000 yard season. benching him makes no sense. Im not sure what you are basing the benching on

Simple, he is not a number reciever. He now gets 2 to 3 throws a game. Dressler gets a minimum of 8 throws to 12 throws. Key on Dressler and most of our recie,vying is covered. Richardson was thier only vetran playing and we didn't double team him and look,at what happened.

I've said for a lot of this season the Getz needs to be benched. Not the season but one game. Much like we did to Andy Fantuz. Look at how he came back. Look at DD recently and how he came back. McHenry made outstanding catches, play him more and see how he does. Our coach has proved time again that he will play the backups and if they play better he will stay with them. I say do it here. Sisco is another that needs to produce or find someone better. If he is always injured than he ain't helping this team so why keep him. We need reliable and great hands to step in at any given moment.

Right now Getz is a blocker that keeps taking off side penalties, why? Why cant he get into open space either. in zone he is not getting to the soft spots. Bench him for a game, play McHenry and get Foster involved if he is healthy.

The thing with that though is that McHenry is already starting. He plays most downs, unless we bring in a Hughes type player, and even then, I think McHenry is out there. Our only option other than Getz is Hargraves, who is a big step down. Or like I said, we would need to start another NI on D, which might be possible now that Sholo is healthy again and Butler taking over the safety spot. But playin Butler at the safety spot, I have noticed teams have started targeting our middle, which they didn't do with Patrick out there.

What I would love to see happen is this.

Keep Getz and Mchenry playing. Keep Butler starting as well as Sholo, and as soon as Kromah is healthy, put him in Shomari's spot.

Absurd. He's played well since Labour Day.

He played a spell with a badly banged up elbow.

Montreal confused the hell out of DD. The losses are not on Getz.

McHenry is playing well...............keep em both out there.

Si les Alouettes avaient fait ça avec Richardson, ce dernier n'aurait pas retrouvé sa touche pour la fin de la saison et auraient peut-être perdu cette partie.

Getzlaf n'est pas un receveur de deuxième classe. Il est un très bon receveur, un vétéran, qui peut changer le cours d'une partie. Cependant, il a une saison plus difficile. Il faut lui donner son temps de jeu et, un moment donné, il retrouvera ses moyens.

En tout cas, si vous n'en voulez plus, je le prendrais bien à Montréal!

Getz is probably a good Third receiver so I agree with you. Tat is why he was effective when we had Dressler and Fantuz. I think he needs to be sat down for a game. That won’t happen. We need someone else to step up.

Getz is about 170 yards from 1000. He should hopefully reach that mark again this season. Yes he has had alot of drops. So has Taj Smith. McHenry is coming into his own on this team. If the Riders stick it out with this group of recievers, I feel that they will get back to the same level that we had at reciever when Fantuz was around and Bagg was healthy. Add to that a younger, more explosive running back and this offense will be competative in the playoffs this season and into next season as well.

This team needs more than one receiver. Getz is not that receiver.

To beat the Riders, cover Dressler and Sheets. We sorely miss Sanders. McHenry shows much more promise then Getz, he can catch the ball for one. Getz is strictly a blocker on this team for 3 games now.

I would agree if we had options - which we don't. One point I would like to make about Getz - if you look at a good many of DD's ITs this season - who was the intended receiver? The guy just doesn't go to the ball. I only wish Fantuz had stuck around.

Getzlaf is the LEADING CANADIAN RECEIVER in the league. He is 10th overall. He was at one point the league leader in 2nd down conversion catches, He might still be, but certainly in the top 5. The Riders do not have a deep receiving corps. After Dress and Getz, they have struggled to find any consistency either due to injuries (like Sanders) or some real meh performances in and out of the lineup (like harper, TJ Harris, Carr, Sisco before he was hurt). How nice it would be to have Cary Koch right about now ... (thx Taman). Put your best guy on #7 and your 2nd best guy on #89. Don't worry too much about the other guys.

Yet still both of these guys have 1000 yards receiving and in the top 10.

So yea, bench the #1 producing NI in the legaue. Bench one of the top clutch guys, the leading NI 2nd down conversion receiver in the league. Bench THAT guy. Yea, send Hargreaves out there in the slot. he'll eat Byron Parker and Kory Banks for breakfast this week. Yea sounds good, coach. I'm totally with ya on that one. :roll:

McHenry is just a fill in at receiver due to injury. He has played very hard and with allot of heart but he is not a starting receiver in the CFL. The Riders are getting by with him as the #5 receiver but when Bagg went down then sisco it really put the riders in a bind looking for that third true receiver to take attention away from Dress and getz. Ever since Carr has been intergrated into the offense Getz has played a lot better.

Getz has done nothing for 3-4 games now. I don't care what his stats are. Chamblin doesnt appear to be a Stat guy either. He believes like I do that you play the guys who want to win. Going by how he is playing now, he won't be much of a threat come playoffs.

So Prairiedog you go on and live your life like a baseball player, now there is a fun game to watch. Even the announcers get bored.

Pathetic really. :roll:

Well said PD72 you don't just turf a key NI reciever, not when Bagg, Sisco among others are out. He may not be the most consisnat guy in drops and what not but he can make the big play and has chemistry with DD

I don't criticize your opinion until after you do mine. That is pathetic. If u disagree with me I'm fine until you make a mockery of mine. Then and only then do I have an issue. I still say he should have been sat down.