Bench Durant...Play Bell or Harrells Now!

If it wasn't for a few defensive plays in the first quarter, this game would not have been close. Durant has proven he is not a quality quarterback. Miller should be realizing this by now, not sure why he hasn't. Definition of insanity is doing hte same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Get some new blood in there and it will give the team a lift. Jyles not answer either, sorry Stephen, if you can't make 3rd and inches twice, you do not deserve to play.

We need Bell and Harrells, now before the season is lost!

Nothing like tossing a raw rookie with a week of watching practice into the fire to completely ruin him, besides the fact he's on the 9 game injured list :wink:

I don't think a QB change would have done a whole lot this game, there were certainly poor throws, but you can hardly fault him for our ineffective run game or pass protection.

go back home terminator.. you're clueless!

you can't put a guy who's never played a regular season game into the picture!!??

and you DEFINITELY cannot toss a guy who's never even seen the field at all and is a recent signing, who happens to be on the 9 game injured list.

you wanna screw this season up and have us miss the playoffs? toss those players in and watch our team crumble and die.

LOL I really have to think harrel is on the nine game for cap reasons dont forget we can pull a player off the nine game early. If we keep strugling they should put harrel in at some point to get some reps.

cflisthebest boy are you an idiot, do you think Harrell is actually injured? He has only been practicing for less than a week. He is there for cap reasons only. But don't worry, Miller will probably do as you say and keep Durant in and we will see you at 4-14 for a record for the year. Talk about clueless, lets keep playing Durant, he looked like a bad high school quarterback out there yesterday, but you love him!!

He completed over 50% of his passes and had 1 TD 0 Ints for 230 yards. Hardly stellar numbers but we could always have Stefan Lefors on our team :wink:

The current issues goes beyond the QB position, although feel free to blame only 1 player out of 12 out there.

i'm the idiot?

i'm not the one who wants to put two totally unproven QB's into a CFL game! you can't do that! we'd do much better with Durant than either Harrell or Bell at this point.

in a year from now? you might have the possibility that either of those two would be capable of playing, but not today!

and i knew he wasn't hurt.. I have a thread earlier that states its a move to save money! i am well aware Harrell isn't hurt.


if they put anyone in.. it's Jyles.

you can't just go grab a QB and play him just like that! he needs time to learn the offense, get some practice with it, have some time to adjust.. then you put him in.

but Bell and Harrell are nowhere near ready!

Im gonna have to 100% agree with cflisthebest. You can't throw a guy who's been playing football since he was 8 years old one way into a game with completely different rules,feild,style,and everything else and expect him to be on fire. You wanna know what GH is doing right now on the 9 gamer (wheather he's actually hurt or not) WATCHING TAPE! getting a idea of how this league works. Seeing guys who succeeded in this league do what their good at. The kids gotta get more knowledge first. And you terminator say with Durant we'll go 4-14? Well maybe we will but isin't one bad year in preperation for many good ones in the future worth it. It is for me!

You're 500 and competitive in every game! Give it a rest.

get lost troll.

How is him saying the Riders are fielding a competitive team equated to him being a troll?

jm is right, there nothing wrong with what he said. Look, there is no way Harrell should even see the sidelines right now. I personally believe he is the next greatest QB the league will see, why the hell would the club completly trash him by throwing him to the wolves and make him look like an idiot. Nothing like taking your brand new car out on the highway and putting your foot to the floor to see just how fast it will go, before you even get 10km out of it. There very little similar aspects to the game from where he came from. But on the same note, we're basically screwed with Durant. I was at this game and I'm telling you from my vantage point, he was overthrowing or underthrowing frequently. He got the nod to be the starter, he's had the chance, he threw this game away, Miller too. He just simply cannot read a field with play in motion. He has pure tunnel vision I'm telling you. He does not have the ability to see the entire field. People in the stands were calling for heads and rightfully so. We deserve better, I was embarassed. And don't get me wrong, it's not just Durant. Probably had something to do with it being +40 at the field level, but it was the same temp for both teams. Something had better happen soon, or we may as well just get accustomed to being a .500 club again (if we're lucky). We gave this game away. Gift wrapped it. There was no reason we should have walked away from 2 points with such a huge lead to start with. SOMEONE needs to be accountable.

SportScallion is not the trolling type. He was trying to say that the doom and gloom is completely unjustified ... and I agree. Maybe we won't win the Grey Cup. Maybe we won't even win the West. But 4 and 14?? Where does this stuff come from?? Guess what our record was after 4 weeks in 2007??

yeah but what does he know? is he an avid and big Rider fan who follows them faithfully and almost religiously?

does he realize how poorly a team can do without an adequate QB?

Durant has been proven that he is not capable of leading this team to the Grey Cup.. and that's the ultimate goal of this team.

nobody will ever be satisfied or happy with a losing record!

this team was completely ruined back in the late 70's when Lancaster was coaching it and it took 10 years for this team to recover! you have to avoid repeating stuff like that!

you need a QB that will make this team competitive and win 10-12 games! you can't go repeatedly having 9-9 records... just not acceptable at all!

A combination of Marcus Crandell, Darian Durant, Steven Jyles and MIcheal Bishop won 12 games last year. Would you start any of those guys ahead of Durant? He's played far from good, but people in this province just dump on the QB, whether it's justified or not.

Like most things in life, individually and collectively, our strength is often our weakness. Rider Nation's strength is passion in great numbers. But it is also our weakness, at least when that passion in great numbers gets directed in the "wrong" (I know that is judgmental but it's the best word I have right now) places. It actually can inhibit the team, not help it. I am no fan of Durant, no fan of Jyles, no fan of any one player, really. I am a fan of the TEAM and constantly piling up undue and, to some extent, unwarranted pressure on the qb is counterproductive. Get behind him, not on him ... whoever "him" is. The guy ain't Jesus so he has no divine power to know everything and do everything right from the get-go.

I don't like what DD brings to the table, never have.

The fact that DD is a mediocre QB won't stop me from backing him 100% , I will also back the starter after DD, whether it be JJ or any of the other 3 .

Durant will NEVER carry a team to wins like Ray, Cavillo, and even Burris, get used to it.

Lets not forget DD has only been a Rider for .....4......years and is still developing his skills.............

Please let's be kind to DD, we do not need DD to develop insecurity's

Please, you guys act like it takes 10 years plus to become a great quarterback in this league. Check out the following great quarterbacks in this league and see that all of them had great first years in the league with no CFL experience; Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Ricky Ray, Tom Clements and the list goes on and on. After 4 years in the league, DD should have plenty of experience by now and be able to pick defenses apart. Like another poster posted, he has tunnel vision and is unable to see the entire field. I can play safety against this guy and come up with at least two picks per game. He telegraphs every pass at least 2-3 seconds before he throws the ball. He does not show the capability of looking db's off.

Dalton Bell has been in the league for two years and should be given a shot. If you know you are going no where with Durant, then you should be giving reps to Bell and Harrells. Durant and Jyles have been given ample time to develop and they both have shown that they are backups at best in this league. Harrells is perfect for the CFL, he comes from a passing orientated offense in Texas and that fits perfectly for the CFL.

Riders will lose to Calgary this weekend and it won't be pretty. Durant will be QB and will stink. Jyles will come in at half time way too late and be marginally better but the Riders will lose by 20 points. The following week against BC will not be much better, it is going to be a slow painful season with DD, Jyles and Miller. Miller can still salvage some respect in my books by giving the two young QB's a shot this year. Harrells is special, you should see this kid play.

We shall see what unfolds,

I'll be interested to see what Harrells brings to the table.......but a word of caution. Don't get your hopes up too high just because he had a stellar passing career in US college ball.

So too did Timmy Chang and Tee Martin.

Pass Completion Percentage

Kent Austin - Career - 57.6%
Darian Durant - 2009 - 57.0%

Durant will improve.