anyone agree????

AFTER ALL porter cant be any worse than this one....

burris didnt lose this game, he just failed to beat his own D

well if he didnt throw those interceptions, miss the open receivers and fumble.. I d like to know who did.


The D sucked tonight. When you have the Eskies pinned deep multiple times and they run the length of the field, there's a problem. Stamps was open all game and the D did nothing to stop him. Can Creehan and get someone in here for next year who knows what their doing.

every qb throws ints, misses receivers, and fumbles. It is what else he does in the game that matters. IF ticats had a D, he would not feel he had to try extra hard and take extra chances to get the job done.

We could have Warren Moon, Joe Montana, Payton Manning... pick anybody... we arent winning games with this defense.

If you think a change at QB would make any difference on this team, you need some glasses.

Yes, lets bring in Porter, who will have to put up 40 points per game to get a win.

Burris may have some decent passing stats but this guy can thank receivers who make yards after the catch. Burris can not throw the long ball, he is totally inconsistent from week to week, he runs slow, and still does not know how to do the hook slide. Tonight he did not even step and throw, he just aimed and armed the ball out towards the receivers. No wonder he gave up so many interceptions. Time to cut bait.

It's about the defence, not about Henry Burris, that's for sure.

LOL @ tonight. This D has sucked for years and years. Sadly tonight I saw a lot of Edmonton holding that was never called. The blitzes came in late and the 39 year old QB just out ran them. When you get a chance to get an interception you have to make the catch. This has been a problem all year.

Well guys there some truth in the comment...Burris is used to the defense scoring a few touchdowns and of course Williams running a few back for majors...without that happening you get tonight's game!

So the defence is supposed to cover 6 turnovers?
That is all on the offense & you should expect to lose when that happens.

lack of confidence in the defense, discouraged by the defense, can cause the O to both let down and or try too hard to make something happen, which in turn can result in turnovers.

Not all Burris' fault but he does play like poop on the road vs home.

That's it..

The "D" couldn't come up with the goods when they had to...

I think we're done

I think we're done

do the ticats even have so much as one defensive coach??

What was the excuse last year? Was it Burris' fault? Oh wait he didn't play for us back then. The defense was a problem last year and it's an even bigger problem this year. We were 8-10 and our D let us down many times, much like this year. There are 4 games that would have been wins, but the D couldn't makes stops when it matter the most. Woulda shoulda coulda.

Granted, not Hank's best game, but the body of work over the season has our Offence as #1, so they get a pass.

BUT, our Creehan's defence continues to be the worst in the league, if not in history

Can they every keep a team under 30 points?

Can they ever make big stops when needed?

Can they ever have a good second half as opposed to getting crushed by the opponent;s 2nd half adjustments?

Why did Creehan bench Pequise, arguably our best Dlineman last two games?

Why has Creehan benched Davis (don't say injury, I saw the verbal skirmish between Creehan and Davis)

Why is Murillo still on the team?

Can Creehan teach Bucknor how to play safety (sorry, I already know the answer to that, Creehan can't teach nor coach anyone)

Do any of our defensive backs have any hands?

Do we have anyone that can take Rey Williams place (what happened to Ike Brown)?

BOTTOM LINE: Whether we make the playoffs or have any more wins this year is dependant on if our Offence has a good game, but DO NOT count on our defence on contributing to any success. Creehan and the D need to leave town as soon as the season ends, which unfortunately may be sooner than I hoped.

The D's stats are bad but when your pathetic QB forces you to play 40 minutes of most games that's going to be the case.