Bench Brewing releases its first-ever lager ... Co-branded in partnership with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Available now .... for pick up or doorstep delivery.

Anyone thirsty ??

I blew it! Missed the 12:00 noon Wednesday cut-off for courier delivery outside of the "Niagara Region" on Thursdays. :roll_eyes: Hope you fellows leave a few cans for next week's delivery.

Edit: Too late. Website reports they are "Sold Out". :slightly_frowning_face:

Just read my email. Tried to order and sold out already. Very dissappointed, emailed brewery if they're going to make more but it did say "limited" :-1:

Now that is a Great idea and business move for both the TiCats & Bench Brewing.
Selling at THF for both TiCats & Forge FC.
Also expanding a deal to first Ontario center for OHL Bulldogs & CEBL basketball Honey Badgers.

Latest email from the Cats says Bench is going to brew another batch, with the timelines for sale to be released later. Those of you who managed to score a few can maybe give the rest of us a taste review. :grinning:

Will do !! ...
Picking up a dozen on Friday.

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great idea and product - hey ambrosie se how EFFEcTIVE marketing is done ?

Nicely done. You must have been at the head of the line!:grinning:

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Calling for a CFL branded beer?

the ticat beer is sold out ..... how is that cfl 2.0 going ? each team should have a beer w. some $ going to charity

Was thinking a CFL brand wouldn't draw the consumer... unless it had mixed in: 1% Corona, 1% Becks' 1% Kronenberg, and 1% random other imported beer. At least THAT would be Beer 2.0. :grin:

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wouldnt that be 'cfl 4.0' ? .... lol
saw/heard in person ambrosie speak last yr - put me to sleep.....i hope i didnt snore too loudly as i was down front .... lol

I missed out on the first batch. :sleepy: I humbly suggest the Ticats arrange for an exclusive pre-order window for season seat holders so we don't miss out on the next batch. :grinning: A Bench/Ticat t-shirt would also be a suggestion.

they should include bobbleheads with the next release. you know, kill two birds with one stone.

Very light ... 4.3% (but seems even lighter).

My wife loves it !

At our house, that would not be a beer lover’s high rating. My wife even dilutes Coors Light😀.

No need to dilute any beer now !!

She's just trying to kill that wretched taste. I discovered the excellence of fine craft beers many years ago. Now when somebody offers me a Coors Light at a social gathering it feels like I'm trying to down some battery acid or something. There's a lot of high quality beers now at the LCBO. No need to torture anybody with the usual mainstream stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed ! (Hmmm ??? ... What time is it anyhow?)

my current favourite craft beer is Mill Street Hundredth Meridian Amber Lager.

it is truly fantastic!