Ben Zambiasi

…is a legend…

Wife and me walking on the Kings Forest trail one day and voila, Ben and his wife and a child, can't remember if there was ono or two or whatever, I said "are you Ben zambiasi?" and he said yes and we had a great chat. Very nice man, class, what can I say, great TigerCat that will go down in history as that. :thup:

Well deserved honor, congrats Ben!

Ben was my favourite player as a teen (Henley being my first favourite player as a young fan).

He was a stellar collegiate player whose skillset ideally translated to the Canadian game. I am pleased he has received this accolade -- richly deserved!

Oski Wee Wee,


KEWL :rockin: :rockin:

There was some kind of poll back then asking the players "who hit the hardest?"
Ben won that hands down! :smiley:

Congrats to the COOKIE MONSTER!

Congrats Ben!!

Lives around the corner from me..
great guy and great guy to talk too

:thup: real men wear black and gold.........

He was a player that gave his all every time he stepped on the field. He hit with the same force of players greater than his size. Ben...thanks for all the years of dedication in Hamilton!!