Ben Sankey

I always thought he was a decent qb & wondered why he was toiling in a tier 2 indoor league in the states the last couple years.

I was really hoping to see Akilli Smith succeed in the CFL.

I hope Sankey is able help the Stamps make the playoffs & keep the Eskimos out for the second straight year!!!

I sure hope Brendan brings him to the Peg via trade!

It's hard to see Sankey being the 3rd QB in Calgary when this is usually a development spot. I would not be surprised to see him traded at some point unless Dickenson goes down in the pre-season.

...Sankey's value as a trade prospect just went up with Sask trading KJ...they need a decent QB, we need some Dlinemen....make it happen Huf....

I heard a rumor today not sure if this would be a good source but there maybe inquiries from a team and that team may be the bombers, Dinwiddie may go to a new league in August leaving the bombers in QB trouble and with Glenn being unhappy this may not be to far off. Should be interesting. I like Ben he is a good guy, good skills and should be a number one qb in the CFL. He has had a tough time everywhere he goes he does not get the chance to prove.

And if an unhappy Glenn decides to hold out at training camp, Sankey could be a starter!

I dont know about a starter, but he will be a very good back up! id love to see Ben here, throws more TD’s then picks, and has a very good completion percentage.

...great news James, we'll take Doug Brown straight up for!...I'll phone Ben and giv ehim teh good news, you tell Doug rw05 and I will meet him at the airport....steaks on me at the Cattle Baron....

Red is that a good Trade? I mean Doug Brown and a draft choice we do know Taman gives them away sort of like roll up the rim right.

LOL, not a chance… youd really like that one wouldn’t you… you think?...

Well Sankey played a heck of game against BC did not look out of place in there.

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