Ben Ishola

This past week the Argos signed an import DL named Ben Ishola. On his bio, it states he was born in Germany & did not begin to play competitive football until age 22. He also spent part of his childhood in Nigeria.

So, would this not make him an Non-Import since he did not play highschool football in the USA?

The present rules for a non-import are: you must spend at least 7 years in Canada before your 15th birthday. Most Canadians in the league are born and raised in Canada and some go to the NCAA to play College Football. However there are a few who can be born in Tim-Buck-Too, come to Canada for seven years (it used to be 5) before their 15th birthday and they are a true blue Canadian for CFL purposes. Doesn’t look like Ben can qualify, unfortunately.

LOL! I agree our immigration policies are loose but come on :smiley: