Ben Heenan

Lawless is somehow twittering that Heenan intends to test the market for FA to see what top dollar is. With the expanded cap atop OLmen could be pushing 260k. I think he would be favorable to sign in Sask, but as a young OLman and a National, he will get some serious offers. I do wonder what the relationship with Malone is don't hear much, but the OL doesn't seem to be getting coach at a top end leading the league in holding.

I think every OLine has a lot of holding going on, it just depends if the referee feels like calling it or not. There was a fair bit of holding going on the Calgary side of the ball last game, but Calgary did not get one flag against them in the second half of that Football game...

I think Heenan will stay in Regina. Home grown boy, and his dad has a large grain farm just south of Regina. And his dad is the biggest Rider Fan around. But business is business... Some GM out there will be waving large bills around, and it will force Taman to write a bigger cheque. At the end of the day, loyalty does go along way too.. I just think players don't want to be taken for granted, and want to feel valued.

IMO, Heenan still has some learning to do... Although he will likely be offered top dollars, he does not have any hardware as a Top OLineman in the league (yet!!). The gamble is that if you pony up and pay him like an all-star, that he takes it to the next level and plays like one...

On another note, would Western GM's make big offers to force the Riders to ante up and try to deplete their SMS room???

I would think both Ottawa and Winnipeg would be in the market for him. Both have big issues on the O line so yes they will be serious threats to trying to grab him.

I agree though there may be issues with the O line coach as the O line has not been the same this year. Heenan actually has not had a great year but like it has been mentioned he is still learning.

The issues on the line are basically consistent from player to player no matter how the team is IMO all on the OL coach and the tactics he is pushing.

Consistentcy has been mentioned. And that is the problem. Whether it be injuries forcing changes or guys getting beat. O-line has under-performed.

The group is highly paid. Labatte/Picard/Best are likely all 120 - 180K range. Xaviier might be less simply because he is an import. Heenan is FA and will be in the 150-200K range.

What I don't know is Xavier banged up allowing the coaches to play Adcock to see what he can do? Can Xavier come back really healthy after 3-4 weeks of not playing? Or is he not playing for other reasons???

Best and labatte get healthy. So who the hell knows what line is going to show up? The line that dominates and opens holes and we get 150-200 yards by rush. Or the line that misses assisgnments and our QB's get nailed.

Lots of holding calls.........we lead the league by a lot. But I agree, I agree. Watching Calgary grabbing our guys Friday was totally a joke, while every little grab by a green guy got us a flag? They locked our guys up and not in a legal fashion.

But for the money invested in O-line......yikes the value is questionable? I hope they get healthy and provide some protection so we see entertaining football. This season started well and I just want to see 60 minutes of compete? If we lose we lose...........the offseason will bring necessary changes. But I'd like to see a full game

you have to remember who's crew ref that one, proux and he has a hard on for the Riders!!

I agree and he makes it pretty obvious too. Not sure how he still has a job tbh as it is quite evident his bias against the Riders. I know it sounds like sour grapes but any game we have him as a ref the red nylon can't seem to fly fast enough or often enough for his liking. Still the players must realize it and therefore they have to avoid any questionable tactics in order to hopefully minimize what he can call. No it isn't right or fair but it is what it is and short of one of us being voted into the position of overseeing referees we or the team isn't going to change it. So you have to deal with it the best you can and hopefully he isn't the difference maker in a playoff game against us. That would be the real crime if he decided the outcome of a teams season.

Concerning Refs: Football Reporters of Canada (FRC) and CFL head coaches just voted in the 2014 Team Awards - MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER/MOST OUTSTANDING DEFENSIVE PLAYER etc.

It would be interesting to see how they would vote for the Reffing Crews: Best Head Official / Best Linesman etc.

I know the best Reffing Crew (as determined by the league brass) get to do the Grey Cup, but it would be interesting to see what the coaches and media think.

another interesting award would be Most Valuable Player as determined by the coaches and media ?
the MVP is totally different than the MOP.