Ben Heenan waived by Colts

Sounds like Ben Heenan may be available after clearing waivers. Although sounds like he has a possible injury?

yeah...I heard he got carted off a couple days back. Also heard Jones is doing very well.

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Chuck Pagano on offensive guard Ben Heenan:
“He’s got a meniscus tear that will require surgery. We are looking at probably four-to-six weeks on him.?

Bowen’s Analysis: Hennan, the former Canadian Football League product, was carted off the field during Wednesday’s night practice.

Pagano provided the update on Friday morning with Heenan likely out for the rest of the preseason, and part of the regular season. The Colts signed Heenan, a former No. 1 overall pick in the CFL, back in February. Pagano said on Friday that the staff liked the toughness of Heenan and the offensive guard is someone they would like to develop post-injury

Sounds to me like even though he is released they intend to keep him around post surgery. A little surprising as he has been getting minimal reps.

If they put him on waivers though he becomes free game then correct

sure does...but that dooesn't mean they dont do a handshake deal th cleat a spot to look at other people. Same thing happens here, and anything that sounds promising will keep Ben there...I mean cmon...450k or whatever as a base

Sure it all sounds good to have a "word of mouth" agreement but in reality it holds no water.

So here is the question do the Riders make an offer of say 225 a season for 3 years starting next year or do they even entertain the idea of any possibility of getting a deal done?

Obviously as you say its only about half what he could "potentially " make if the Colts honor a verbal agreement but is that kind of agreement enough to not look at an offer from the Riders or any other CFL team? The old a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush theory . I'm not saying the Colts wouldn't have good intentions of standing by a verbal agreement but again there is the what if factor. What if someone bigger, stronger. faster comes along next year out of camp? Do they ignore signing that player because they made an offer to Heenan? I have my doubts they would. After all it's a business and big business at that in the NFL and second best gets you little.

So again if say the Riders were willing to sign a contract for the terms I have mentioned is it realistic to think Heenan would bite or take a pass and hope that things work out with the Colts the following year just on a word of mouth agreement ?

I would have to think he would have to consider also that if he is passe over this year he probably will have to go through the same hoops again next year and even if he isn't cut how long before he sees actual playing time? That means possibly two years before even seeing any real game time. While realistically if he heals fine then he would be a 99.9 % chance of starting every game here next year. Does that even enter into the equation though?

IMO...Heenan should stick it out down south and see what happens. He knows he has a good job at will back in the CFL and it would be foolish to not stick it out.

IF the Riders can sign him...I would do a 4 year contract for 160 a year with a 200K signing bonus....though I know they will end up making an offer that straps them instead of front loading it in a year that they should have some wiggle room.

Yes but "sticking it out" comes with a risk too. Say he declines an offer from the Riders or any CFL team then he has to wait until training camp in late july then if he doesn't make the cut he can try his luck on another NFL team or head back to the CFL but then it will have been a year and a half since he has played in a game . Plenty of athletes lose something in that amount of time, some get it back,others don't. Plus being away that long you kind of fall of the radar of teams and another couple of years older to boot.

Ben will be fine. They are going to let him heal and place him on the PR. Even practicing at an NFL level he is only going to get better. The Colts are saying they want him around. lets say he tries his luck there all season...heck next season to....and never plays...he still has a job awaiting him. Sure...might take him a few games to get back into it, but he will be 100% fine barring a really bad injury. You don't give up on a dream over something like this.

If he's PR'd, he will make closer to 6,000 a week or about 120 k. But yes I agree if I were him I wouldn't be giving up on my dream to be playing in the NFL.

yes...what I am saying is 450 or whatever is the base for starting.

If he can stick around on someones PR for three seasons he is eligible for a NFL pension. He is young enough that he may just try to do that.

Does any athlete want to sit on the pr for a "career?" sure the money may be not bad but when asked what did you do for a living, having to answer "I was a "practice dummy" for a NFL team really doesn't have a nice ring to it does it. At least here he probably gets a nice job when he is done playing in the community and any fan as soon as they saw his name would recognize him. Not such a bad thing either.

Oh well probably doesn't matter as he probably would want too much anyways. I like Heenan but have to be practical about the whole thing too.

If he sticks around for 3 years he would only be 28 to resume his CFL career.

Good luck with that.

Chick did it.

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6 - O'DAY QUOTE #3: The Roughriders have also had in-depth talks with free agent offensive lineman Ben Heenan who was waived by the Indianapolis Colts in August after suffering a meniscus tear. As was reported on this blog last week, Heenan is back in Regina (where he spent the 2012-2014 CFL seasons) plotting his next move. Heenan's availability was another question I posed to Jeremy O'Day.

“We’ve had contact with both Ben and his agent,” O’Day reported. "Ben’s obviously in Saskatchewan and he’s come in and seen us. Right now Ben is in a waiting process of waiting for his knee to get better. From that point, he’s going to relay to us and evaluate where he’s at with both CFL and NFL opportunities and from there he’ll make a decision that’s best for him.

"We’ve communicated to him that we’d like to be informed through the process and stay in touch with him and his agent. He was great with that. He’s been really first-class to talk to. He’s following this team like a fan right now and a lot of his true friends are in that locker room that he’s feeling for. He’s like a lot of people who are hoping that we get it turned around. But he’s focused on getting his knee back to full health before he starts to make any decisions.

Heenan won't need a "nice job" in the community. His family owns a nice farming operation near Rouleau with some very productive farmland.. If he can earn some decent money playing Pro football and have some pensions, he could take over the family farm and earn a very nice living. I met both Ben and his dad before he was drafted 1st overall.. Super people! Ben was helping his dad with harvest at the time while attending high school

Yeah...awesome family, and Ben loves the farming as well...I sat with him for a good chunk of a half early on in the season...he has a true passion for the game and is as ravid a Rider fan as any

should hear an NFL announcement soon