Ben Cahoon

I really envy you Montreal fans. Watching Ben Cahoon making those really tough catches look easy in the Hamilton game. My comment was..."How does he make those catches?" Mrs. Sportsmen says to me..."Dear, you say that every game when you watch Montreal."

I guess my point is, I feel Ben Cahoon doesn't get the recognition he deserves. I think back to Grey Cups, Eastern finals, any thing thrown close to him he seems to always catch. He always seems to get open. The media seems to focus on Tucker, Simon, Lewis, Copeland, (all great players too) but I tell, you, if I was starting an expansion team and had my choice of players, Cahoon would be my number 1 pick.

Just my rant for the day..... Does the Montreal media give him better recognition?

We know what he's done for the team, and we will always greatful for him, hey he's a GOD after all :wink:

Even if MTL didn't win the GC, Cahoon got "stolen" for Outstanding Canadian, instead they award it to Eskimos fullback Mike Maurer.

Cahoon is the BEST there is to catch a ball. Bar none. He'll be in the hall of fame. The fact that he isn't lightning fast seems to take away some of the attention that go to other WRs in the league. But he's also the humblest guy so he's not looking for the spotlight either unlike the other WRs you mentioned.

Trust me, we Alouettes fans know how valuable Ben Cahoon is to this team. When he retires -- which will be soon, possibly as soon as the end of this current season -- there will be a big gaping hole in our receiving corps which is going to be hard to fill. We've had so many talented receivers come and go but Cahoon is the money player and I'd take him over any other receiver in the league with the possible exception of Jason Tucker, who's also a money player.

Put simply, the guy gets open and catches the ball. He's not flashy and he doesn't do victory celebrations for TDs -- hell, he never even pumps his fist after a big play. But he delivers game in and game out. No, he's not big and strong, nor does he have the fastest set of wheels. But when the game is on the line, he will outperform all those bigger, faster, flashier receivers every time.

For my money, Calvillo-Cahoon ranks right up there with Dickenson-Simon, Ray-Tucker, and Burris-Copeland in terms of great quarterback-receiver combos.

No question about it. Game in, game out, he's our MVP. Must have velcro on his hands, some of the catches he makes. I also wonder at how he's able to get so open on so many plays, given that he's far from the speediest guy out there. 'Twill be a sad day when he hangs them up.

The Media always show more interest in highly demonstrative players, because they're good for the show. As a consequence, people notice more these high profile players and imagine they're God's gifts to the league.

Why do you think Terrel Owens and Randy Moss have so much recognition?

Ben Cahoon is the strong silent type. He doesn't party, dance nor make the news off the field, so his lack of exposure makes him second to the likes of Copeland, but we in Montreal do know how great he is. And that's the important thing.

Although people in Edmonton think that Jason Tucker is the best receiver in the league, and he's a great receiver no doubt, but I'm gonna have to agree with you guys, and this is not a bias opinion.

Not just his amazing catches, but his ability to be open and make the big plays. He is the most reliable receiver in the league. I think Anthony Calvillo feels the same, cause he always seems to go for Cahoon on 3rd down gambles, and or 2nd and long.

I wear my Cahoon jersey proudly!

not bias yet your a montreal fan, at least admit your bias, chicken $hit

and look at this year and last year stats, j-tuck is the best WR in the league...cahoon is a old washed up

I would love it if Dave Stala could step into Cahoon’s role when Cahoon retires. Stala has the size Cahoon lacks; if he kick up his route-running a notch and develop those velcro hands, we’ll have an able successor to Cahoon. Watkins still drops too many balls for my liking, and Anderson can disappear for games at a stretch.

Bang on discipline, on all three points. Stala will be a good, not better, successor. I think all of us Als fans share some disquiet about Watkins despite his numbers from last year, and I don't know what gives with Anderson. AC has only looked his way a couple of times over two games. I think he's misplaced as an inside receiver, would rather see him at wideout.

And, like you, and as I think all of us should, I'm going to ignore the childish nonsense coming from the previous poster.

Anderson has no heart. He plays because he wants to be a football player, but he doesn't care who he plays with, what league he plays in, and he doesn't even care if he's not the best at his position. He's afraid to be hurt and won't make a catch unless its an easy one. He reminds me of Elijah Thurmon.

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Tucker is a great receiver, but he's definately not the best. I say if Cahoon is not better, Tucker still isn't the best. I'd take Geroy Simon on my team way before Jason Tucker.

lol.......thats good you would take geroy,

but id rather take a guy that won a the reciving yards in a year

  • won a grey cup MVP

-won 2 grey cup rings

what does geroy have?

Dude, don't even bother with him. He's only here to stir up trouble. Do not feed the troll and hopefully he'll go away.

That was my point exactly about ignoring it.

hey im just throwing out facts. when was the last time Cahoon won a receiving yardage title.....Tucker won it last year. and he's leading the league this year, sooo facts are facts

So in this situation 2 games means something??????


Hey raw, since your too much off a little baby im gonna make things simpler and compare with NFL receivers. How about Terrel Owens and Lyns Swan(is that how you spell it?)(Just for your information Lyns Swan was that undercised receiver in the 80s who could always make the catch no matter what). So, here we have our friend Terrel who is a loudmouth receiver who doesnt really care about what he does(wears a miami heat jersey in dallas) and then we have swan always fighting the good fight and shutting up defences. Now why dont you listen to good ol'Lyns and shut up.

Guys, honestly, don't engage with rawnotsorookieray. It's a complete waste of time.

Hear hear. No point in engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.