Ben Cahoon

Where is Ben Cahoon now? Last I heard he was fired earlier this year as receiver coach at BYU. Could he be a help in the Alouette coaching staff next season?

Latest job appears to be as a sales rep at Arthrex (medical devices) according to his linkedin profile but even that looks like it might be no longer.

Great receiver, tremendous professional.

But the reasons for getting fired at BYU would have to be explored (i.e., can he coach what he knew so well; not all can).

Everyone gets fired. Coaches are hired to be fired. Trestman was fired from the NFL, so was Tim Burke from Calgary. Cahoon could certainly do no worse than Campbell, and may do better given time. I'd love to see him coaching up our receivers, either now or some time in the future...

Coaches are hired to be fired. All that I said was they would have to explore the reasons for his leaving BYU. A little research (Google) shows he was let go after a couple of seasons when the O-Coordinator and his staff were changed. Doesn't speak one way or another as to his coaching skills.

He was a great player and great representative of the Als/Montreal, but I just never assume that great players can be good coaches.

I wouldn't either, but the thing with Cahoon is that he was never a phenomenal athlete, if you get my meaning. He was great because his work ethic and technique were second to none and he studied the game. Those are the kinds of qualities that to me are more transferable to coaching: emphasizing work ethic, technique, and study of game film. My private opinion is that a player who was naturally gifted might find it harder to coach, because he'll inevitably be coaching players without his particular physical and athletic talents. Whereas Ben was the slow white guy (his own words! :wink:) who became elite.

The entire coaching staff was let go. I have a family member that sells medical equipment (arthroscopic surgery) and she makes Calvillo money. So if he's good at it and in a strong market. You can make good money in that field.

Popp offered him to come on board last winter but he felt his kids were too young at this point to take up coaching away from home.

J'aimerais que Cahoon soit un entraîneur invité au camp d'entraînement, comme il l'avait fait en 2007 avec Trestman. Ça permettrait d'évaluer ses habiletés en la matière et peut-être de se faire une meilleure idée sur ses capacités réelles.

Je retiens également que l'un des très bons entraîneurs des receveurs que nous ayons eus ces dernières années était Marcus Brady, un quart-arrière substitut. Sans doute Brady a-t-il un talent certain pour apprendre des choses aux autres et préparer ses joueurs (il y a unanimité pour dire que c'est un gars très intelligent), mais il demeure que les Alouettes ont un autre quart-arrière substitut dans leur personnel, et qui est très loin d'être un idiot. Ça pourrait être une expérience à tenter de nouveau.

Congratulations Ben Cahoon for his incoming induction in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2014.

So my question remains, can the team brings him over for a coaching try-out, please? Pretty please? Who knows he might turn out to be like Marcus Brady.

Well, according to Herb's latest article, Cahoon is more receptive now to coming back as a coach than last season, since BYU cut him loose. It seems to have been a case of a new OC wanting to bring his own people in than anything Ben did or didn't do while he was there.

I can't express how awesome it would be if #86 took over as our receivers coach.

Félicitations à Ben Cahoooooooooooon!

C'est un honneur pleinement mérité tant il a été inoubliable.