Ben Cahoon

According to Herb, Ben Cahoon is set to retire; he has this information from a reliable source.

It will happen and maybe this is it. With the moves made this week,I,personnally, would not be surprised if it was exact. The trade for non-defensive lineman Mike Labinjo-he was i on 1 with Rick Moffatt on CHAD and said that the Als want him as a DE- could be a kind of confirmation; apparently, he was one of Calgary highest paid defensive player; the Als cannot afford this player unless there are "reductions" elsewhere; if Ben retires,his non-import replacement will definitely be making between $65,000 and $80,000 less than Ben,thus enabling us to have a higher defensive lineman. It could also enable us to sign S.J. Green. It has been quiet regarding S.J. We could go with 2 import inside receivers,if there is a starting defensive lineman non-import

We will definitely hear soon.


That's really too bad about Ben. I was hoping him and Calvillo would end their carreers together.

The article says that maybe he would try and catch on with another team? That’s like Mario Lemieux leaving the Penguins!

Or like Wayne Gretzky leaving Edmonton. . . oops

Or like Ray Bourque leaving Boston. . . oops

Before putting Mario's name I was going to use Yzerman as a example but now he's gm for Tampa.....oooops!

He can still play, maybe he wants to be somewhere where he can get cheap and quicker flights to Utah ???

According to Rick Moffat-not Moffatt- of CJAD-not CHAD- no decision has been made regarding Ben Cahoon. he has not decided to retire or come back,yet. To me,it makes sense since,earlier in the week,he said that he would make a decision in a month to six weeks. He added "they-Als- are not a desperate to get me back or anxious to see me leave".


To me, Ben either comes back for another season or retires. I simply cannot see him suiting up for another CFL team. What's to gain? He's broken records, he's won consecutive Grey Cups.

Exactly my thoughts.
BC has the best hands in any football, period.

Ben Cahoon n'est pas le gars à courir après les records, mais maintenant qu'il en a un en mains, peut-être voudrait-il le conserver quelque temps?

Geroy Simon est à 150 attrappés de rejoindre la marque des 1 000 réceptions en carrière, et il aura 36 ans au mois de septembre prochain. Rejoindre ce plateau, au rythme où il va présentement, représente 2 saisons. Une de plus après ça et il a largement dépassé les 1 017 de Cahoon.

Est-ce que cette idée trotte dans la tête de Cahoon? J'en doute. Mais je ne suis pas dans sa tête.

De toute façon, de Cahoon, on retiendra beaucoup plus la façon dont il a capté ses passes que le nombre d'attrapés qu'il a faits. Et ça, même Simon ne pourra pas le surpasser. Ce n'est pas peu dire!

No one can play forever. And who doesn't want to go out on top - well, except for Brett Favre!
And what a ride it has been for BC!!
I think it's back to Utah in 2011.

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I hope Ben comes back to play, however he may coach at Brigham Young but so far has denied that possibillity.

Looks like an all import receiver crew in 11 for the Als- impressive group!